Imagine: Dallas trying to sneak you out because you’re a Soc and your parents would kill you if they knew (Part 1 of 3)

The fence clinked behind you and you looked up from your spot on the porch to see Dallas Winston hanging over the iron fence that surrounded your house. You lived on the richer side of town, but not the part where every house was in perfect condition.

You sighed. “Not now, Dallas. My ma will be back any minute and if she sees you she’ll behead you.”

He shrugged. “What’s life without a little danger?” He hauled himself over the fence and jumped up onto the porch, grabbing your book. “What’s this trash? Literature?”

“Yeah,” you replied, grabbing it back and grinning slightly. “It’s good literature.”

“I bet,” he snorted. He took the book again and put it on the railing of the porch, pulling you to your feet and spinning you so your back was against his chest. “Alright, baby, we’re gonna blow this joint and go to the drive-in, yeah?”

“Dally…” you sighed again. “My ma?”

“She’ll think you’re out with friends. C’mon!” He lifted you over his shoulder and ran down the steps and down the sidewalk. Eventually, he set you down and wrapped an arm around your shoulders to twirl some hair near your ear as you walked.

You knew that if someone saw you two out that late you’d get in a lot of crap with your parents - especially because you were with Dallas Winston - but as soon as you were out of your neighbourhood, you felt at ease.

When you made it to the drive in, you found a place at the back of the theatre seats that were there and Dally pulled you onto his lap, hands rubbing your legs softly. He knew you weren’t gonna be ready for what he was any time soon, but he still made sure you felt wanted.

You leaned your forehead against his and sighed. “Thanks…”

“For what, doll?”

“Takin’ me out tonight. Ma wanted to embroider my cheerleading outfit tonight,” you giggled, entwining your fingers with his.

People tended to be wrong about Dallas, always saying he wanted sex and nothing but. You knew it wasn’t true because he went out of his way to take you out whenever he had time and he spent any money he could spare on you. So either he was incredibly in love with you or you had tamed him a little.

He pushed some of your hair behind your ear and a small smirk spread on his lips. “Anything for you, doll face. So…I’ve been thinking…”

“Oh no, is that why there’s smoke?” you joked.

He laughed. “Hah hah, very funny. No. I’ve been thinkin’ that we get a place together, ya know? You want away from your parents and I’ve been saving up some money so…”

You stared at him in shock. “What?”

Torchwood things I hope Big finish covers

(Plots I want to see wrapped up/dived into)

1: the Strange pendent in fragments that made the former Torchwood 3 head see images of some dark future and murder his team.

2: What’s the deal with the “Darkness” after death and how people are still self aware upon death. Was it just down to duroc/death or was something far more sinister going on?

3: What happened to John Hart after series 2, will he ever make a come back at some point?

4: When will the BF series be set? Between seasons? After COE? Post Miracle day?

5: What happened with Bilis Manger? Will we get a resolution to his story arc and learn more about who he is? Was he a time lord maybe? An eternal? How could he just jump through time like he did?(I know one of the books covered it but you know, there is a lot you could do with this character)

6: Will we find out the deal with the three families and have some resolution to the annoying cliff hangers from miracle day? Perhaps even a story that could redeem that series a little and bring it closer to the doctor who universe.

7: What happened with torchwood 2 and 4?

8: Will we learn more about this terrible enemy humanity fought in the 51st century that Jack mentioned in Captain Jack Harkness/Adam/Exit wounds?

9: Maybe learn about the memories the time agency stole from jack or even some info on his time with the agency?

(Fanwank I’d love to see)

1: Mentions of Jack being involved in the conflict with Magnus Greel in the 51st century.

2: Other BF/Doctor who series’s crossing over or even classic doctors showing up.

3: Doctor who enemies being threats in torchwood(Plus would be great to see the adult themes used properly unlike cyberwomen *Shudders* )

4: Torchwood having to deal with the The Eminence at some point(PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN!)



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“Although she was never an ardent follower of any formal religion, my mother’s own faith endured throughout her life: her faith in love, her faith in miracle of nature, and her faith in the goodness of life.” - Sean Hepburn Ferrer (Audrey Hepburn, An Elegant Spirit)

Audrey Hepburn photograhed by Philippe Halsman, famous “Jump” series, 1955.

Getting a spring in my step at The Book of Mormon.

Vintage Coat, Johnstons of Elgin Cardigan, Banana Republic Dress, Belt from a Calvin Klein Dress, Silkies Tights, Trotters Leana Loafers, Coach Purse, MAC Rebel Lipstick. Photos courtesy of Emma.