You know that little white light they talk about—that you see when you die? Well, I didn’t see anything. Just darkness. Everything was dark.

  • Regina:You? You did this?
  • Emma:Sorry...I was just trying to save her life! I didn't know she'd come back with us, let alone who she was!
  • Regina:Do you know what you've done? You cost me my happy ending!
  • Tinkerbell:Well, actually, that Marian's alive, it changes everything.
  • Regina:What do you mean?
  • Tinkerbell:Robin was supposed to be your soulmate, in a timeline where Maid Marian dies. In this timeline, where she's alive, that is no longer the case.
  • Regina:So all of this "lion tattoo" crap was for nothing?!
  • Emma:Lion tattoo?
  • Regina:Yeah; the one with the lion tattoo was supposed to be my soulmate.
  • Emma:*rubs wrist self-consciously*
  • Regina:What's that?
  • Emma:It's a lyon flower. I got it when I was younger. Something just drew me to it...
  • Regina:Do you mean to tell me you also have a "lion tattoo"?
  • Emma:Yeah, I guess in a way I do.
  • Regina:Wait, what does this all mean?
  • Tinkerbell:It means that Emma rewrote destiny. You're each other's happy ending.
  • *Elsa bursts through the door*
  • Elsa:Moms!
  • Regina and Emma:MOMS?!?
  • Regina:Guess you really are my happy ending.

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