I checked my jumk email inbox - which I never do, because it’s exactly that, junk. This company was trying to email me saying that I needed to pay for something - no idea what, because I don’t want a virus on my computer. Another one e-mailed me saying my contract had been terminated and I no longer work there. The catch? It was from England. I’ve never even been to England. 


anonymous said:

Hi. Lynne. Have u seen the song. Spoilers for 602?taking it with a HUGE grain of salt, IF they turn out to be true, then why are they sidelining Blaine?? ? Also seeing all those baby love pics just about broke me coz I really thought that is what I was gona see in s6. How fr away from reality can we be

Saw those “spoilers”.  Rolled my eyes back in my head and confirmed my lack of desire to watch.  They are literally wasting their last 13 episodes ever on jumk and shit no one wants to watch.  

That fan art?  The BEST.  OMG.  So good, so amazing.  This is the stuff we have from now on, fanfic, fan art, fan videos.  So much talent in our fandom and I’m so grateful for that!

Ready to have a great time tomorrow at the Jazzy Jo’s Jumk Show. Come see us at Crowne Plaza off NW Expressway 10a-7p. Downstairs next to DJ booth. (at Crowne Plaza Oklahoma City)