So this morning my drama partner and I had to do our scene for Intro to Acting (take it.) and I decided to wear my lovely, red heels for the moment. The scene turned out rather wonderfully, so I left the class in a damn good mood. In leaving, I decided to go to Dewick with my heels on because 1) they were practically glued to my feet and 2) I already had that “fuck it” mentality since 7am. Soo while walking through the dining hall, I took some time to survey some reactions as I walked down to take my seat (I admit to narcissism ;] ). And all I have to say is this: that silence and disgust made me smile, because with all honesty, those reactions are just as sweet and fulfilling as any sort of applause or “werk.” Last year, I would have feared and avoided this situation, but now? I’m willing to serve them breakfast, lunch, and dinner… especially dessert.