Looking ahead …

I’ve been talking to Mimi and we’ve decided to go ahead and optimistically plan to run another round of the Girl In Every Port Project next month (July). We will go ahead and start accepting new prompts for the July round now, so if you have one in mind send it to either me or Mimi

Also, those people who wrote to request a prompt this month but were too late to get one will have first dibs next month: geeklibrarian, beauty-and-the-stitch, @imaginingwiththewinchesters, @freckledandreckless, @letmegodean, supernaturalblackhole1, and @sunflowers-castiel. In other words, you seven are guaranteed spots, if you want them; you can either wait and have first go at the July prompt list when it’s posted, or come up with your own prompt and submit it with a note that you want to write it yourself. 

Cheers guys! x

Megadeth is confirmed to headline the Festival d'été de Québec in Quebec City, QC on July 18, 2015. Dave Mustaine comments, “What a great way to return to Quebec, headlining the biggest show we have ever done in Canada! I cannot wait to see you all”. For tickets and more information, go to infofestival.com.

(yes I know the graphic is shit I’m sorry)


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W H A T  I’ M  L O O K I N G  F O R

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Good luck everyone!