so i was tagged by the awesome mckayla and wow sorry for only doing this now

name: jules

time/date: 4:45 am, 20/4/15 i really should be going to bed now

average hours of sleep: uhh i dont even know anymore 3-10 maybe

last thing I google: new york city for avengers related nonsense

nickname: well jules is kinda a nickname, so julie and julsey

birthday: june 30th

gender: female

height: 6′ (183 cm)

favorite color: red and dark blue

one place that makes me happy: sandy beaches

how many blankets I sleep under: one well half a blanket cause my cat keeps stealing it

favorite movie: it changes every damn week, but right now it’s cap 2

what I’m wearing right now: mint green top and blue shorts

last book I read: american gods by neil gaiman

most used phrase: well

first word that comes to my mind: peaches… for some reason (i might just be a bit hungry)

last thing I said to a family member: see ya later alligator

favorite beverage: water duh!

favorite food: i bake some fantastic cupcakes or well grilled cheese sandwiches

last movie I watched in the theatre: Cinderella

dream vacation: backpacking across europe

dream wedding: uhhh… never really thought about really

dream pet: already have mine which is a ginger cat

I tag: uhm i’m kinda tired so anyone who feels like doing this is officially tagged from this moment forth