“But to continue the story of my professional experiences. I made one pound ten and six by my first review; and I bought a Persian cat with the proceeds. Then I grew ambitious. A Persian cat is all very well, I said; but a Persian cat is not enough. I must have a motor car. And it was thus that I became a novelist—for it is a very strange thing that people will give you a motor car if you will tell them a story. It is a still stranger thing that there is nothing so delightful in the world as telling stories. It is far pleasanter than writing reviews of famous novels.” —Virginia Woolf, Women and Writing

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Important lit-ish-type people and blogs.

Here, have some of my favourite book Tumblrites:

Juliette Tang produces posts of constant high quality, with absolutely beautiful photography and a poetic bent to her writing.

Airport Bookstore posts editions of books available in different countries, which for a bookcover-obsessive like me is just a dream.

Emma maintains the kind of posting frequency I can only aspire to, making a truly admirable contribution to the lit community on Tumblr.

Tea, Coffee, Books does what it says on the tin, encompassing three of my most-indulged vices.

Bethan has three lovely blogs, but The Library of Bee is charming and the most relevant.

The Underground New York Public Library is what its librarian, Ourit, terms “a visual library”, showcasing his photographs of readers on the city’s subway, plus a couple of bonus features.

Kate Beaton is the greatest webcomic artist to ever grace this planet, and Rosa Reads may as well be a fanpage for her literature-based output. This is her Tumblr, but there’s links on it to her regular website.

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