The bonds of friendship are spun with silk, bound together with honey and milk; Cutting remarks may sever and cleave, fighting may result in friends to leave; Pride and stubbornness will hinder resolution, sorry and forgiveness is the only solution.

It started with one drink.. Which was very closely followed by another, and another, and before long Julian was laughing too loudly with an arm draped over Logan like he needed the other boy to hold him up - which was quite likely the case. The blonde had been close to telling the actor to settle down several times that evening, but he knew he needed the break. School had been stressing the both of them out lately -  which didn’t even begin to explain how stressful Julian’s mother had been - and they’d decided to go out to let themselves have a night of fun before they had to really settle down for finals.

This led them to a bar out of town, Logan saying he was limiting himself to a couple drinks and Julian deciding the sky was the limit. Of course the prefect believed he was going to keep the actor in order, not knowing just how much alcohol that one boy could hold.

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julianlogan asked:

Hi there! I just recently got wifi back and learned about this gr8 project (thankfully in time for registration). I just want to clear up some questions I have before signing up. The fic plan I have in mind fits under the zombie apocalypse trope, which is kinda popular so I wanted to make sure the idea wasn't already being done by someone else in the project?

[continued] And regarding checkpoints: is it required to post the fic in parts or can the whole thing just be uploaded once as a finished product at the last checkpoint in October? Sorry, it’s my first big bang so I’m a ball of questions aha :-)

Hello and welcome! We are happy to have you! :D  Well, you can take a look at our Writer’s List, which has the brief summary/intro of their works and see for yourself the tropes they’re embarking on. For the record, there’s absolutely no harm in doing a story under the same trope as others’—there is no way anyone else can tell the story in your head in the same way as you do. :) 

Also, checkpoints are required for Betas and Mods to know how far you’ve come in participation. :) Also, checkpoints and posting in parts helps drum up interest for your work—so people will know about your story and see if they like it and keep reading it. <3 

Of course, while you’re not required to post the whole thing in one go, there also HAS to be a draft or at least a little bit of it already up and linked to the masterpost. This is for the benefit of your artist (who has to be making art with connection to your piece) and the people who will be looking through the masterpost to read the fics from the participants. :)

ok i think this might be easier this way?

team number one (‘sup?)

  • veronica (julianlogan), you’re the poor sucker who’s gonna need to write a thing. i’m crossing my fingers for you and i honestly can’t wait.
  • janni (lovingeachdayasifitsthelast), you’re the [other] poor sucker who’s gonna need to push us (maybe it’s just me? idk man i’m lazy as fuck most of the time) to actually get things done. good luck!

team number two (yo)

  • kate (practicallymagic), i think you may have already written a thing? but i honestly don’t understand how big bangs that aren’t reverse work and i’m hella tired atm so you’re gonna have to break it down for me if you can (◡‿◡✿)
  • erycka (butterfinglecrumbles), i’m summoning demons and praying for you. let us all hope that i’ll make something good. hope your cheerleading skills are tuned.

ok that’s it just wanted everyone to know i’m alive and kicking and ready to make six arty things. kay. bye!