Julia Valdepena


Name: Julia Valdepena
Year: 1st
Birthday: June 1st
Major: Biology
Position: Beater


Julia Anid Valdepena Valle comes from the unknown town of Visalia, California. Her favorite band is Mumford and Sons and she loves to play jazzy tunes on her alto sax. She wishes to travel the world after college, especially Europe. When she was younger she would run around on a broom pretending she was playing Qudditch and now it is happening!


Shanti | Age: 19 | FC: Victoria Justice | OPEN

Bio: Shanti had always been a quiet girl from the start, but it didn’t hurt her popularity nor reputation at anytime. Along with being quiet, she was incredibly well known in her village when she was a younger girl. Shanti was  raised in a middle class family, with only her mother, as her father had just passed away. As Shanti grew up, she stayed inside the Man Village, as she heard of terrifying stories of the veracious animals into the jungle deep, one soon including of how her father passed inside the very jungle. Thinking to keep Shanti safe, at age 16, her mother moved away with Shanti and into Mowgli’s village just a little bit down the road. As soon as Shanti met Mowgli, she felt an instant connection with him, but not knowing that just at ten years old, the two silently flirted with one another without ever verbally meeting one another. As time went on, the two got closer and closer, to the point they were best friends, though Shanti would like the relationship to be more, as she fell in love with the boy as time went on, but even though Mowgli never acted like a flirty prick around her, she knew he was when he wasn’t. And she didn’t want to have her heartbroken from the real Mowgli.

Current: Shanti moved back to the Man Village with Mowgli, as her mother stayed away, still scarred of the jungle and village. Her oblivious crush on Mowgli still grows stronger as time goes on, but she isn’t ready to take the chance of being romantically attracted to a heart breaker. 

Friends: Mowgli, Stitch, Eric, Ariel, Vanessa

→ Personality

  • Scared easily
  • Quiet
  • Kind