House Data: Jukeboxkt overall analysis for a ton of answers

Hi, I messed around and did the quiz 3 times. Here are all my answers (i think they are generally in the right order but i am not sure)

1st) Hufflepuff: Ordinary, Silver Goblet,Trusted, Speak to animals, tell flitwick and win points, stars, heads

2nd) Ravenclaw: wisdom, violin, loneliness, magical creatures, flitwick truth and win points, forest, white

3rd) Hufflepuff: love, silver goblet, loneliness, change appearance, confuse troll, stars, white

I hope this helps and I was also wondering if these answers seem swayed more towards ravenclaw or hufflepuff compared to your data; I am not sure which of my accounts to actually use? 

Since I think you can see how each quiz leads to the answers you got, I’m just going to break each answer down (especially as you have a ton of overlap.) 


Ordinary - Slytherin

Wisdom - Ravenclaw

Love - Hufflepuff

-this pretty much produces a tie on these questions-


Silver potion - Ravenclaw

Violin - Slytherin

-so if you’re stuck between R and H, I’d go with Ravenclaw on Q2-


Trusted - Hufflepuff

Loneliness - Popular among everyone except Slytherin; about equally popular between Puffs and Claws in the Beta data (20% Puffs vs. 22% Claws picking.)

-The edge might go to Hufflepuff with this one.- 


Speak to animals - Hufflepuff

Care of magical creatures - Hufflepuff

Both those are STRONG Hufflepuff answers. A trademark of Hufflepuff House is love of plants and animals. 

Change appearance - Ravenclaw, maybe Slytherin? Not a lot of Beta data for Puffs on this.

-Edge may go to Hufflepuff again. I’d think about how strongly you feel about each question, too - a question where you’re wavering between 2 choices matters less than one where you’re certain.-


Tell Flitwick and win points - Ravenclaw

Confuse troll - Ravenclaw

Very strongly Ravenclaw here, although it’s worth noting that no one ever chooses either Hufflepuff answer. (Seriously, in all the Sortings I’ve collected, not a single soul has drawn lots to fight the troll or told Flitwick before the exam.) 


Stars - Hufflepuff 1st, Ravenclaw second

Forest - Gryffindor 1st, Ravenclaw second

Again, what do you identify with more? Having Ravenclaw in both might tilt it that way.


White - Ravenclaw/Hufflepuff, very strongly Ravenclaw

Heads - Hufflepuff/Ravenclaw, probably more Puff 

So you’re about as Ravenclaw/Hufflepuff hybrid-like as you can get.

To decide which account you’ll use, why don’t you read both welcome letters? Where do you feel like you belong? Did you associate with one House over the other when reading the books? Which do you prefer? 

Look at the elements - air or earth? Colors, blue or yellow? Animal, eagle or badger? Do you have a personal preference? Honestly, I’m surprised you did this 3 times without triggering a Hatstall; you’re really a blend of the two. Which common room do you like more? Are you an LotR fan who’s fond of hobbits, or of Gondor? I’d spend some time with the welcome letters and checking out the various Tumblr groups/Facebook groups. 

Do you feel more like you belong in a House of learning and wit, or of hard work and loyalty? Fair play, or imagination? 

Please, go wherever you feel more comfortable, and delete the other two accounts. 

Oh, and I’m curious: Did you get the same wand on all 3 accounts? The same pet? 

Thanks again for your data. Very much appreciated. :)


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Pinwheels: A Poem About Rapunzel

Each curl represents a time and place I have yet to know,

Stuck here,

My so called forever,

Everyone just waiting for my hair to grow,

There lie the scissors,




Snip snip!

Rapunzel Rapunzel! Let down your hair!

Too late!

I’m not ready,

Just scared,

My locks,

They betray me,

Longing to lie on the warm summer grass,

My heart skips a beat,

The pinwheel I grasp,

Locked away in this tower,

Is all I know,

This place of pages pressed with ink and cold narrow stones,

How am I to know,

Who I dream of,

My so called forever?

These strands (of hair) mask my eyes,

My future?

What is it?

I cannot see,

My eyes,

They sting,

My hair stuck in the breeze,

Should I wait?

Should I go?

Life is moving too fast,

Sometimes too slow,

This pinwheel keeps moving,

As long as the wind still blows.