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Fellow chillers, I come to you with a fresh musical offering.  I set up a projector and vibed out my bedroom for a 20-odd minute DJ set. This was a lot of fun, I’ll be making similar installments every few months. I’d love to spread the vibe while I’m off tour. Get at to bring me out.

LISTEN: Cakedog // Menace In The Phantom



傑作ミックス・テープ『She Was No Tame Thing』をAhnnuと共作したD/P/Iもそうだけど、この界隈が揃ってジューク/フットワークが大好きというのは見逃すことの出来ない事象であって、このシカゴ産の音楽が現代のシーンに計り知れない影響を与えているのだと再認識する。


バンドキャンプには「世界中のフットワーカーとDJ Rashadに捧ぐ」との文字が。急逝したフットワークのカリスマが遺したものはあまりにも偉大である。

Words by @LIL_SEGA

09/30/14 Sad & Sad Accessories Mix Vol. 6

Wanted to do something a bit differently with some songs I wish I played out but can’t because they don’t really fit with the rest of the other mean ass songs I play out. I’ve also been feeling ultra shitty for about the past 3-4 weeks following my graduation, so I did this more for me than for you guys. Thought you might appreciate it too.

Message me on any social media if you’d like me to create a free download link for you.


  1. Somebody Recovering (@itsalmostradical Mashup) - CHVRCHES x Cid Rim x Jakwob
  2. Wild Life (Nu:Tone Remix) - Unicorn Kid
  3. Lost In Tokyo (Symbiotic Sounds Remix) - Koreless
  4. Lullabies ft. Yuna (Village Remix) - Adventure Club
  5. Dragonfly (Memro Bootleg) - M. Craft
  6. Fall In Love Too Fast (Exmag Remix) - GRiZ
  7. All Night - Camo & Krooked
  8. Lucid Dreams (The M Machine Remix) - Mat Zo
  9. Starry Eyed (Minnesota VIP) - Ellie Goulding
  10. Troubles in Your Mind - Geek Boy
  11. Rock U Tonite (CRNKN Remix) - Wave Racer
  12. Kytos - Himalia
  13. Surreality (feat. Sue Gerger) - Naked Fish
  14. I Would Have Loved You - Subscape
  15. BOH! - The Killabits
  16. Promises Broken - Geek Boy
  17. Joy - The Others
  18. Archangel - Burial
  19. Make Believe - Elo Method & Subranger
  20. Frozen - JacM & Zoë Phillips
  21. Everybody Makes Mistakes - Soular Order
  22. Somewhere - F3edo
  23. Lost II - Dabin & Dead Battery
  24. Two - Culprate
  25. Before You Leave - Soular Order
  26. Chance - Lqd Hrmny
  27. Don’t Explain (Riskotheque & Marchmellow Remix) - Truth
  28. Sherlock (Millions Like Us Remix) - FOAMO
  29. Overcome (feat. Ashley Apollodor) - Monsters with Tiny Mustaches

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this is the most important video I’ve ever made

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Nissan Juke use blippar to giveaway thrilling experiences!

((Asked cloakandclaws what I should doodle and she said “Juke (red optic) and Jive (yellow optic)”, my TF FC Decepticon twins. Both are afflicted with addictions that have been programmed in their systems that keep them in check. One is a gambling addict while the other is an interface addict.  Another fun fact: They are a  gesalt.

There is so much more info on them you guys don’t even know omg

These two are my first ‘Con OCs and are very dear to both me and cloakandclaws and will most def be monthly muses. ENJOY LE UGLY SKETCH

And if you have any questions about  these guys, please ask! i could talk about these two forever))