I was tagged by: tracingme
Name: Nature

D.O.B.: Nov 2
Gender: Female
Selfie: see above lol
Faves: uhhh
Food: Red beans n rice!
Drink: Rasberry Zinger tea
Movie: Brown Sugar
Tv Shows: Batman Beyond, Justice League (Anything superhero really)
Music: depends on my mood
Place: whet?
School Subject: English
Sport: I’m subpar at all of them, next.
Actor: idec
Actress: same as ^
Life: whet?
Siblings: 2 brothers 1 sister!
Dream job: Being a broadway singer, lol.
Fears: centipedes, birds
Tattoos: one behind my ear, one on my collar bone, one on my elbow, one on my forearm, one on my calf one on the inside of my bicep
Piercings: 4 ear, one septum, one nostril, 2 nips
Languages: English
Tumblr: whet?
Reason behind my URL: I used to flow poetically. Not so much now.
Why you Joined: I don’t remember. Lol
# of blogs: 1 
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juicymangosummerpeach asked:

off the stoner questions...11 & 15

11. Describe your favorite high . 

hmm my favorite high prolly the time I hotboxed my car and was making out with my boo at the time for like an hour. We was high as shit lol

15. Favorite munchies. 

Spicy nacho doritos, gatorade, french fries, flaming hot funions or cheeto puffs, and pizza

juicymangosummerpeach asked:

9, 15, 28, 43

9) Ever had a poem or song written about you? Yes

15) Do you prefer to be behind the camera or in front of it? Behind it

28) What’s your biggest “what if”? What if I never went to college / What if I went to college in NJ rather than VA

43) Do you have any nicknames? Kira, Kiwi Strawberry, Shaka, and there is another that will not make sense if I type it lol