Blue Door Pub

Absolutely amazing! I finally had the Juicy Lucy that I have been waiting for since I saw it on TV 4 years ago. I got the Mushroom Swiss Juicy Lucy, Cowboy style, with Cajun Tater tots. It was 2 patties, with swiss cheese and mushrooms melted in between, then covered in BBQ sauce and two inch thick onion rings. It was amazing! Each bite was juicy, flavorful and I think I died trying to finish it. My dreams have finally come true!


Twin Cities. Oh how I’ll miss thee. The concept of the Jucy Lucy is foreign in my homeland. What a shame. What an opportunity! The BDP is serving up $2 pints and $2 baskets of tots during happy hour. WHAT?!?! That’s what’s up. El Guapo was on point.

Their site - http://thebdp.com/

My review - COMING SOON! In the meantime, peep the blog - http://gothamburgers.blogspot.com