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“Juice Cleanses” are complete actual bullshit and by promoting a juice cleanse you not only promote psuedo-science but promote a dangerous dietary change that is completely useless and occasionally harmful.

Please for the love of all that is holy stop telling people drinking only juice will clean their bodies of toxins and make them glow with a happy aura of healthiness or….whatever. There’s literally no benefit of a juice cleanse unless you’re still eating actual food, in which case it’s just adding more veggies and fruits which is actually awesome BUT if you stop eating and only have a juice diet that’s literally complete BS and will probably hurt you.







Juice cleanse

After finishing my freshman year of college, a cleanse is well needed after all the partying and poor food choices! Even though my body looks just as healthy as before on the outside it doesn’t mean that toxins aren’t stored inside of it. Therefore rebooting my system! THIS IS NOT FOR WEIGHT LOSS, but rather to improve my health. I’m doing a three day cleanse with all organic produce. Anyone who has some good recipes they would like to share? 

I made the choice to no take a prescribe med for high blood pressure 15 months ago. You have no idea how grateful I am for beets. Amazing energy and rid the toxins in your body, too! 👏👏👏👏👏 Check out more info on beets. http://www.doctoroz.com/article/benefits-beet-juice #beets #nutrients #toxins #cleanser #health #bloodpressure #meds #juicing #freshjuice #wellness #totalnutrition #bodybuilding #latino #latina #fitlife #fitness #supemodel #getfit #farmfresh


Hello my lovelies! Long time…eh, you know the drill.

Life continues to be more hectic than planned. Blessed, but busy. I’m not complaining. To make up for my most recent absence, here’s an update of sorts for your inquiring minds. Yay? Why not.

Nearly two weeks into a juice reboot, and I feel freaking fantastic. SO much less bloating and lethargy…what a great thing that this exists. And so many tasty recipes, I can’t even. Hubs is doing it with me, too, and nary a complaint as of yet. Super healthy choices FTW.

Also, don’t let his face fool you: Bood loves it when I force him to take photos with me. Loves it.

I’ve missed your shining faces. Have a beautiful evening, and I’ll try to make daily updates a priority again. That’s a promise. You’ve been warned.

Love you all, ALL the muches.