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1, 18, 19, 35

1. Scars. I have several.

18. Obsession. When I’m not caring for my kids, my focus is committed to the site and organization. In addition, I go through phases where I will have my infatuations with some random element for an finite amount of time. I also have OCD for cleanliness and handwriting.

19. If you had one wish, what would it be? To be far away from this planet, and these people.

35. Do you ever wish you could start over? Negative. Every mistake, tragedy, and heartbreak, gave me my girls. Had I done one single thing differently they would not exist, relatively speaking. Besides, my life experiences turned me into the stand up guy I am today.

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You can vent to this guy and he’ll either…

Listen here little sister, just because I forgot your name and want to genetically alter the populace, doesn’t mean I love you any less J-bone. :) Besides, you and Tom will be here in two weeks and I am very excited.

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top 6 blogs and bands

Top 6 Blogs? J-bone there are far too many blogs that I religiously follow to answer that, without being attacked by the butt-hurt patrol. However if I had a list, you would definitely be in it.

Top 6 Bands? Volbeat, Five Finger Death Punch, Pendulum, Escape the Fate (for my retrospective moments), Fallout Boy, Atreyu