i think the most terrifying thing about #everysimpsonsever is that it’s not even stopping for night breaks

it is an unstoppable juggernaut

Pointless Babbling

What is it with book series that are adapted into movies, and the final book is always split into Parts 1 & 2?  Twilight, Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Divergent, etc.  Not all series, of course, but it’s a trend lately.  Are all the authors writing super-sized final books, or do movie producers just want to jam in as many sentimental montages at the end as they can?

My best guess is that the marketing and licensing juggernaut that is these YA-novel-series-turned-movies are worth so much money that they want to milk it for all it’s worth.

As my daddy always says, “Follow the money.”

I don’t begrudge fans their joy, and I can understand how someone might “never want it to end”, but I don’t like dragging things out.  You can tell when it’s filler.  Every story has to end.  I actually like the endings best.  Beginnings are fun, but endings are where the good stuff really happens.  

Geez, guess I really am rambling today.  


I figured I should make a master post of my Dota paintings.

In order based on completion,Templar Assassin, Slardar, Nyx Assassin, Rubick, Juggernaut, Anti-Mage, Weaver, Lifestealer, and Bane is my most recent addition. Believe it or not, there’s improvement in there~!

anonymous said:

to me cross fit is dangerous. their too ballistic and the form is bad. (my opinion) if youre interested in power-lifting you can look up 5/3/1, Juggernaut 2.0, cube method, & mass made simple.

Yes my trainer used to tell me that too. Ty so much boo!! I’m about to go look that stuff up now. Srs guys, any and all advice is welcome

Households that need a powerful vacuum cleaner should ‘act quickly’ before all of the models currently available sell out, consumer watchdog Which? warned.

Thanks, EU, how could we possibly make our own decisions about what we want to buy for our households?

Not only is this an out of control nanny state, but the EU should never have the authority to decide things like this in the first place, especially since there is zero democratic legitimation for this.

How much more about your life will you let Brussels regulate before you decide that enough is enough, and join the fight against the bureaucrat juggernaut that is the EU?

SWTOR is pretty fucking great.  I’m really pleased with all the customization options available for outfits.  While the mod system leaves a bit to be desired (pulling mods out of one piece of gear to put into another piece of gear does get a little old, admittedly, and I would prefer to have costume slots for each piece of gear but nothing’s perfect) I’m happy that I can finally put an Assassin in the heavy armor my Juggernaut wears.  My defected Sith can still don her old armor if ever need be (or wear it for RP purposes).  I can put my bounty hunter into something that looks a bit lighter and RP her as a straight up mercenary, not a heavily-armored mandalorian.  I can put my agent in heavy trooper armor.

I can dress my characters in pretty much anything I want and I’m so fucking pleased.


except there is no moddable version of this chestpiece:


FFS this is the only thing I have ever wanted in the game and it simply does not exist.  My god, Bioware, just fucking give it to me. :|

So apparently the first NWSL game on ESPN got 177,000 viewers. NWSL on Fox Soccer averaged 63,000.  Signs of increasing interest in the second season or a further indication that Fox sports just isn’t cutting it, especially when compared to the juggernaut that is ESPN?

As a note, the Youtube viewership averages (very, very rough estimate) about 8,000 per game with most of the matches getting over 10,000 views being games that included either Portland Thorns or Seattle Reign.