Jugg Method 3s Wave

Squat 150x3x7 (even sets on video)

I’m a little high on some reps. I’m focusing on keeping my chest up that I’m sacrificing on my depth. I need to did a happy medium.

CGBP 65x10x3
Leg press 200x10x3

residentgoodgirl replied to your post:Random: after seeing residentgoodgirl and…

yeah, that’s a huge issue with these tests (how you answered based off of what you thought was the ideal you) did you talk to someone before taking it? and infj is that the same thing as kendall?

Not sure if I follow a Kendall? Link me to her if you can?
But nope just saw the-unstoppable-juggernaut post the link and on a whim went for it to kill some time before my work loaded on my comp. I didn’t even look at your guys’s scores until after I took it either which I think helps quite a bit.

I was wondering if it was just me who has taken these tests with the wrong mindset before, Im glad you knew what I was talking about!


after seeing residentgoodgirl and the-unstoppable-juggernaut talking about their Prelude Character Analysis I decided to take my own and see what I got.  Surprisingly I really like this test and find it fairly accurate if your 100% honest with yourself.

But then I started thinking about how back in hs we had to take personality tests and they never really seemed to describe me well- but at the same time I think I answered based off of what I thought was the ideal me.  Like how I wanted to see myself (not sure if that makes sense), instead of how I actually instinctually am.  I enjoyed this activity because it has shown me how much I personally have grown, acknowledging and accepting myself fully- strengths and weaknesses.

I turned out to be an INFJ, just in case anyone was wondering