”Worlds within worlds. Cower beneath your illusions. I AM GOING TO BREAK YOU!Violence reverberated within every syllable as his anger evolved into pure rage. The large blade was repeatedly sent against the second wall of his confinement. Freedom had been a deception. 

     ”ARGH!His anguish relinquished in a ghoulish growl before slamming the heavy blade against the wall again. The thunderous impact caused the ground to shake from his unending wrath. The lack of contact and warmth from his Sanguine Sorceress had taken it’s toll. The consuming beast within his thoughts had enslaved and devoured what small bit of humanity had been within him. 

     ”RYZILEGOS!" The absence of an answer fueled his devastation. The wrists and hands of the Juggernaut were bleeding and flesh had been torn from the repetitive nature of his behavior. A caged animal seeking freedom. He was determined to shatter each and every wall that kept him bound within his cerebral prison.

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