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HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVELY! <3 omg an american horror story commercial was on my tv today and i was like akjdshasjd PAULINEEE!! Have a good one :*

aaahh thank you so much Jueria! ;* omg it’s so great to hear that, you have no idea <3 I’ve watched all trailers today and I’M SO EXCITED because it looks so amazing and scary and ugh I CAN’T WAIT.  

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BEAUTIFUL PERSON AWARD! Once you are given this award, you are supposed to paste it in the ask of 8 people who deserve it. If you break the chain nothing will happen, but it’s sweet to know someone thinks you’re beautiful inside and out. <3

Let me love you :’)

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hullo, just wanted to let you know they've confirmed- "Schalke 04 have signed Dutch winger Ibrahim Afellay on a one-year-loan from Barcelona." (also btw you're amazing and wonderful and hope you have a wonderful day k bye n___n)