”..on Judi Dench’s Much Ado About Nothing opinions were unanimous. The terrified debutante director had been sensitive and in control throughout rehearsals, but was immensely rocked by the first preview. Putting a play in front of an audience for the first time is always a learning experience for the actors themselves, who discover with shocking suddenness that an audience never responds quite as expected and have to alter their performances to meet that climate. For an actor who is directing for the first time, the feeling of impotence can be cataclysmic. But, apart from the usual first-night notes, her worries proved unfounded. She had elected to dress the cast in vaguely Edwardian costumes, reportedly because she considered the sight of young men in tights too distracting for an audience. This decision allowed her simultaneously to express the formal strictures of nobility and its codes of conduct and the disruption caused by their breakdown in both the villainous plots of Shaun Prendergast’s Napoleonic Don John and the romances of Claudio and Hero and of the hitherto confirmed bachelor and spinster Benedick and Beatrice. From the cast she drew a range of comic and tragic moments with subtlety and delicacy, serving the text rather than trying to bend it to a scheme of her own.”

Excerpt from  “Ken & Em” by Ian Shuttleworth

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Judi Dench - Send in the Clowns (studio recording 1995)

[ Karin says : ]     Remembering her performance of this song at NTL Live 50 Years, I was in the mood for it today, luckily discovering a studio version from the original run of ’ A Little Night Music ’ at the National Theatre back in 1995.

Between Act One and Two, Judith’s hair started to get longer.

Isabela was the first to point it out. Acknowledging this, Hawke drew out her dagger, ready to just hack it off, as she had done before. She never cared to do any more. She wasn’t like her mother and sister, with their luxurious raven (turned silver for Leandra) locks to be trimmed and pampered. She had things to do, it was never important.

But the raider protested. She sat Hawke down and cut it herself. Just enough that she could tie it back, enough not to get in her way in a fight. With a little left in the front to frame her face.

"There we are," said isabela, "you don’t look half bad with long hair. I say keep it that way."

"Thank you," said Judith, admiring her reflection, "I don’t know if I can do much with the upkeep, though."

"I can show you a few things."

"I’d like that. But I don’t think I can get it as nice as your hair."

"Oh, stop."

"No, really. I always thought you had lovely hair. You’re really beautiful, Isabela."

"Well," Isabela choked, the compliment heavy on her shoulders. "Thank you."

"I appreciate this. With Bethany gone, I…I don’t really have anyone to talk to about these things."

"What about your mother?"

Judith shuddered, silent at first. “It’s just…”

"Hey, don’t worry about it. Just let me know when it starts getting in your eyes again."

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Good morning! Have a birb video.

I’ve been neglecting my Tumblr in terms of writing. And now when I do have time and the motivation to write, it’s like word vomit and I have a bunch of updates.

- First and foremost, my boyfriend got the Google job! Yay! We found out when we were in Las Vegas.

- Since my boyfriend got this job, he is officially moving to the Bay! And when I say officially, I mean he is driving up today. We won’t have to do long distance anymore!

- It’s like a domino effect, since my boy is living in the Bay, I can finally move out! We can move in together and at last, I can afford living in a nice part of Oakland. Woot, no gangstas!

- Now to the part I’ve dreaded for oh so long…telling my mother that I’m moving out. If I had a choice between telling my mom or walking on hot coals, I would pick the hot coals with no hesitation. Yes, it is that bad. My mother is absolutely unreasonable and narrow-minded. She doesn’t understand the notions of independence and personal growth. I’m 24 years old. I’m long overdue to leave the nest. Plus, I can afford to live on my own. However, this isn’t some proud accomplishment in her eyes. She will be extremely pissed. That is an understatement. Despite the great news about my boy, my mind and mood have been burdened with this awful anticipation of her reaction when I finally tell her. I’m terrified. Even during my vacation, this issue was always in the back of my mind, just gnawing at me. I couldn’t even fully enjoy myself. Isn’t that depressing? I wish I knew how to compartmentalize things better, but I can’t.

- I’ve set my move-in date for the first of November (if I can find something). After discussing with my friends, I’ve decided that it’s best to break the news to her after I’ve signed the lease. That way, she cannot talk me out of it or really do anything. I know she’s going to be even more angry that I did it without consulting her or getting her consent. But c’mon. Do I really need to ask for her permission? I’m an adult now and I should be able to make my own decisions. This is something that most parents would want for their children—for them to be independent and learn to be self-sufficient.

- I’m going to start looking for apartments this week and begin the arduous process of viewing and applying for places.

- Please pray for me. I will need it.