Sometimes you’re the hammer sometimes you’re the nail. No shame in losing to a beast and all around great guy. I had a blast and hopefully I can grow from this experience and fix up the holes in my game. Jiujistu is a lot like lifting weights if its not difficult than you won’t grow stronger. Thanks to everyone atElite Warrior Challenge for having me on the card and to my Opponent Mugen FuriousStyles Grind for not ripping my leg off. As alway feel free to give feeback on the match guys.

Next time I’m in the cage I’m hoping to be wearing some gloves! I’ll post the video soon. I lost via lever choke. 


     If a student is red in the face, THEY ARE TRYING. Even if they’re not making much progress. Remember that this is a CLASS, not a competition, and that every student learns at their own pace. If a chubby girl is giving her all, you respect her the same way you’d respect an all star athlete, no exceptions. Remember the saying, “A black belt is just a white belt who never gave up”.

                                                               Every Determined Student. 


I went for a hip throw into a inside leg trip into an uchimata but didn’t manage to get the takedown. I ended up with my back against the caged and eventualy got take down. I was in my guard and got a sweep and the moment I came up he was ready with a leg lock. I got free of it then got free of the toe hold and ended up in side control. I went for a shitty mount attempt and got my leg caught and he went for another leg lock attempt I escaped and tried to get one on him but ended up back on my back eventually. Ended back up in my halfgaurd and I got caught being greedy with my arm across his on the other side and once he got control of it a choke followed soon after. Fun match and I can’t wait for the next time!

My opponent  was a beast and was on the offense the entire  time. Mad props to him.


Reporter makes the mistake of shooting a sexist comment at Rowdy and pays the price.