A Colorado jujitsu student painted this for me when I moved back to California. I think he titled it “Ronin” The masterless samurai on a spirit quest. artist: Josh Dean

Watercolors are my favorite art form

The image of the samurai polishing his sword equates to polishing his soul. The sword is the samurai’s soul. And those wisps of wind would be divine winds. Sitting on a mountain top is an elevation in one’s spirit. Thanks Josh.


Uchikomi:"Uchikomi" (Repetition training) is a term borrowed from Kendo, and is used in Judo to refer to the repeated practice of a throwing motion up to the point where the throw would actually be executed (the simulation stops at that point).

Uchikomi (Repetition training) is used during Randori (Free sparring) and as a warm-up prior to a contest, and can be conducted alone, by two people, or by three people. Uchikomi (Repetition training) can be practiced alone by wrapping a belt, etc., around a pillar and grasping both ends while performing the throwing motion. When performed Two-person uchikomi (Two-person training), Tori (Player executing technique) actually engages Uke (Player receiving opponent’s attack), burrowing beneath him or pulling him onto his shoulder, etc., to better simulate the feeling of an actual bout. When performed Three-person uchikomi (Three-person training), two of them play the part of Uke (Player receiving opponent’s attack) in order to increase the load on Tori (Player executing technique), allowing him to apply more force.