Dorjsuren Sumiya (wearing white in the top two images and blue in the bottom two) won the silver medal in the under 57 kilogram (under 125 pounds) class at the 2015 Judo Grand Prix, held in Germany last week. She is 23 years old.


An absolute beautiful animation from Chris Rini of Womans Bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey in her last title defense fight against Alexis Davis. The fight lasting all of 16 seconds, this is a really cool example of his skill animation skill on wood. 

This next fight for Ronda should be a much tougher test against a very game Cat Zingano. Both undefeated and very keen on finishing their opponents, I think this will be the greatest woman’s MMA fight in UFC history. 

Judo Technique of the week: Harai-goshi


This Koshi waza (Hip techniques) consists of sweeping the opponents legs out from under him.

Features of this Waza

The Harai-goshi (Hip sweep) destabilizes the opponent’s balance in the forward direction, then sweeps his legs out from under him in a sudden motion.

Waza details

This Waza begins with Tori (Player executing technique) Tsurite (Lifting hand) grasping Uke (Player receiving opponent’s attack) near his collarbone, and his Hiki-te (Pulling hand) grasping Uke (Player receiving opponent’s attack) near his elbow.
While lifting his pulling hand, Tori (Player executing technique) steps toward Uke (Player receiving opponent’s attack) and spins around, pulling Uke (Player receiving opponent’s attack) against his back.
Using both his lifting and pulling hands to destabilize Uke (Player receiving opponent’s attack) balance toward the front, Tori (Player executing technique) then sweeps Uke (Player receiving opponent’s attack) feet out from under him at the ankle area.
Although Tori (Player executing technique) has only a one-legged stance after bringing Uke (Player receiving opponent’s attack) onto his hip, he is able to throw Uke (Player receiving opponent’s attack) by swiveling his hips and sweeping Uke (Player receiving opponent’s attack) feet and hips out from under him in a sudden motion.
The Harai-goshi (Hip sweep) Waza is used by both men and women without regard to rank, and can frequently be seen in competition.
Lightweight combatants rely on speed to execute this Waza, and heavier combatants rely on power.

Source: The Judo Chanel

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