Advice Column

Dear 9 Girls,
My name is Tali and I’m from New York. I go to a public school and my parents force me to wake up at 6 AM and daven. I don’t really get the point of it because it’s just a hassle to wake up so early and say a bunch of words I don’t get. I was surfing the net and came across this tumblr so I gave it a shot. I don’t understand Judaism or find it interesting- i feel so distant from my friends because they go out every Saturday and I just sit home and do nothing. How can I feel more connected to said G-d.
Tali, New York

Dear Tali,
I understand what you’re saying- it’s really easy to feel disconnected to your religion in society today. We all have our own ways of connecting to G-d but my way is through davening. Start relating your davening to your personal life. Maybe you failed a biology test last week and your teacher refuses to give you extra credit. how about you daven for that? Start with small things like that and you’ll slowly feel more like branching out.
Good Luck!
9 Girls

An Introduction to Judaism.
  • My grandmother:So, you want to go out to dinner?
  • Septa:Shuts the fuck down to hurricane Sandy.
  • All local universities and colleges:Shut the fuck down due to hurricane Sandy.
  • Hurricane Sandy:Lol hai gaiz
  • My grandmother:I was thinking Chinese.
  • Me:...
  • The entire city of Philadelphia:...
  • The Northeastern Seaboard:...
  • Aliens:...
  • The Universe:...
  • My grandmother:Why does nobody want to go to dinner with me and your grandfather? He's dying don't you know? Don't you love us anymore? We haven't seen you in so long--
  • Me:*hangs up the phone*