Fresh and Flowery. Here you can see yesterday’s outfit. I was totally not feeling like wearing black yesterday, so started with taking my favo summer flowery jeans. Took some bright colors, prints, and my summer March23’s and finished the whole look with some pink on the lips. It felt great, only the trousers do give me those summer butterfly feelings! The trenchcoat I pimped out myself with some golden studs. Like I said before, the trousers are begging for gold. These babies I bought at the lovely shop next door calledย JuDeLovesYouย (you hear that Julie? ;)). So, the only thing I forgot is that it is actually still frick’n cold! But hey, I felt like fresh and bright and flowers and prints, totally not … winter. The sneakers came in handy whilst my boy and I had to do some serious shopping today= running running. Enjoy the post and tell me what you think of it, it’s sunday!

Although I was not planning on buying things for myself, I did found a small bag, finally. I was actually thinking it yesterday morning, that I was in serious need of something small and defined, when suddenly I ran into this beautiful studded baby at this shop called Coco, jeej!

What I’m wearing;

Flower jeans: Zara/ Scarf: New Look/ Shoes: March23/ Coat: Zara/ Beanie: H&M/ Bag (@ Coco)


Ok, after seeing a post from a Flair contest to send in your favorite spring outfit, I couldnโ€™t get this outfit out of my head. So, I made a winterish version of one of my alltime favorits. And off course, my fav shoes! Love these little babies from last years Mango Touch collection. This spring (or even winter) socks in sandals are still on baby! Jeej, some things stay more than one season :) And even when I am still fighting the germs of illness, these colors helped me thinking of the healing ways of spring/summer. So whatโ€™s more perfect than that??

What I am wearing:

Blazer: H&M/ Jumpsuit: Blanc(o) (Barcelona baby)/ Top: Also Blanc(o)/ Shoes: Mango/ Bag: Bsk/ Necklace: JuDeLovesYou/ Nails: O.P.I