Birobidzhan, Jewish Autonomous Oblast, Russia.

The Jewish Autonomous Region of Russia, with its capital Birobidzhan, is a territory created by Stalin in the 1920s as a Jewish homeland within the USSR on a barren piece of land on the Russian-Chinese border. The first Jewish homeland of modern time, created twenty years before Israel, it became the unlucky home of tens of thousands of Soviet Jews that were lured there by heavy-handed propaganda. Even Jews from America, France and Palestine embraced this barren place as their Promised Land, although most of these non-Soviet Jews were subsequently executed. 75 years later, the Birobidzhani Jews, having known anti-Semitic purges, frozen climate and economic disaster, left again in a mass exodus. The Jewish Agency, an Israeli government affiliated organization, provided a free one-way ticket to Israel for any Birobidzhani who could prove their Jewish ancestry. Nearly all the region’s Jews have accepted the offer to get out of Birobidzhan. 

This photo essay was photographed during the winter of 1998-1999 and documented this last chapter in the story of Jewish Birobidzhan.

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This might be pedantic, but would it be accurate to refer to very early biblical figures like Moses and Joshua as Jews? If not, roughly when did Jews emerge as a distinct group of Israelites? The death of Solomon? Some time earlier?

Yes, it would most definitely be accurate to refer to them as Jews. They were descendants of Abraham and Sarah who were the first Jews. 

We Remember…..

13 years ago, families gathered together to celebrate the Passover Seder in Netanya’s Park Hotel. During the meal, a Hamas terrorist infiltrated the hotel and blew himself up while surrounded by hotel guests.

The explosion killed 30, including two IDF soldiers, and injured 140.

Most of the victims were senior citizens. Hamas has not changed its central goal - to harm Israeli civilians wherever they may be.

Today, our thoughts are with the families of the victims. We will not rest until Hamas and other terrorist organizations no longer have the ability to attack our people.

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I apologize if I'm being insensitive and if you don't want to talk about it I completely understand but what is going on in the Jewish community right now? Was there an attack of some sort? Again, I apologize if I'm being rude, I just want to stay informed.


  • molotov cocktails were lobbed into the Bergische synagogue in Wuppertal (previously destroyed on Kristallnacht)
  • an elderly Jewish man was beaten up at a pro-Israel rally in Hamburg
  • an Orthodox Jewish teenager punched in the face in Berlin (the attacker fled before police arrived)
  • hearing things like “the Jews should be gassed”, “the Jews should be burned” on a daily basis
  • A rabbi received a phone call from a man who threatened to kill 30 Jews in the city if his family in Gaza was harmed. 


  • A bullet fired from an air gun pierced a window of the David Ben Ichay synagogue
  • Three armed individuals robbed a Jewish couple - a 19 year old woman and her 21 year old partner- at gunpoint, and raped the woman. The assailants reportedly told the couple they shouldn’t try to pretend they didn’t have money because they knew they were Jewish.
  •  A visibly Jewish male was beaten by a group of approximately 15 teens outside of a school.
  • A visibly Jewish male was in his car and wanted to park in his building’s garage, but another car was blocking the entrance.  He honked and a young man came out of the building and said, “Dirty Jew, you’re not in Gaza here. I’m going to kill you and your family.”  The victim tried to flee into the building, but was followed by the young man and several members of his family who hit him in the face and head
  • Two men insulted two Jews near a local synagogue on Friday night, then came back at 3:30am Saturday with iron bars and broke a glass door and a surveillance camera
  • Following an anti-Israel demonstration, a protestor threw two Molotov cocktails at the security kiosk of the Jewish Community Center. The cocktails exploded but missed their target, and the attacker was quickly arrested.
  • A Jewish male was attacked by a group of people after his address was published on a Facebook page. He sustained light injuries.
  • Police arrested 16 people, mostly minors, for yelling “Death to Jews!” at a patrons of a restaurant on rue de Rosier, one of the more famous streets in the old Jewish Quarter of Paris
  • During an anti-Israel demonstration in Gap with 300 participants, ten hooded individuals broke a window where a Star of David was visible.  They threatened to kill the woman inside, but didn’t enter and fled before the police arrived.
  • The Naouri kosher supermarket was set ablaze when a Molotov cocktail was thrown inside the store during an illegal anti-Israel demonstration.
  • A young Jewish male was hit in the head as his attacker yelled, “I want to kill all the Jews.” 
  • A banner with “Israel Assassin” was hung on the gate of a synagogue.
  • During a large anti-Israel demonstration two synagogues were attacked. Dozens of demonstrators broke off and tried to attack the Synagogue de la Roquette, while other demonstrators tried to enter the synagogue at Rue des Tournelles.  Anti-Semitic slogans were reported in both incidents and chants of “Death to the Jews!” were heard during the demonstration.
  • A 17-year-old Jewish girl was attacked and pepper sprayed in her face while the assailant made anti-Semitic remarks.
  • Two visibly Jewish teenagers were sprayed with tear gas.
  • A Jewish man was attacked by three assailants who said to him: “We know it was you who called the cops yesterday. You Jews are all the same.” They then proceeded to physically assualt the individual, shouting “You’re a dirty Jew. We know where you live, we know your wife, your kids, your car.” The man sustained a broken elbow during the incident.
  • Two Jewish brothers, aged 19 and 22, who were on their way to a local synagogue, were beaten with brass knuckles by two assailants
  • A Jewish woman and her baby were assaulted while waiting for a bus. An unidentified woman shook the baby’s stroller and shouted at the mother: “Dirty Jews, enough with your children already, you Jews have too many children, screw you!”
  • A visibly identifiable Jewish male was attacked by two men with a stun gun near a local synagogue
  • An orthodox Jewish man was assaulted and beaten on a Metro train.
  • Attack on Jewish kosher supermarket


  • Swastikas were found etched in the doors of the Avodá Jewish community center
  • A Jewish cemetery was desecrated. Tombstones were destroyed, monuments were uprooted and photos were displaced
  • “Do good to the country, kill a Jew” was found spray painted in the Once neighborhood, an area that has a large population of Orthodox Jews
  • A swastika was painted on the front door of the rabbi’s home
  • Anti-Semitic graffiti, including swastikas, were painted on the front of the Israelite Cultural Center building
  • Swastikas were spray painted on the Tefila L’Moises Central Synagogue


  • Anti-Semitic flyers were placed in mailboxes of homes in two Jewish neighborhoods. The flyers read: “Wake up Australia, Jews have been kicked out of countries 109 times through history. … Could it be that having them in a European country is harmful to the host?” They also included an invitation to join Squadron 88, a local white supremacist group
  • Six underage males boarded a bus transporting a group of Jewish students aged five to twelve years old, shouting “Heil Hitler” and “Kill the Jews” while threatening the young students with violence.
  • A visibly Orthodox rabbi and his assistant were assaulted by a group of youths who pounded on their car while yelling “fuck off” and calling them “killers.”
  • The phrase “Zionist scum” was spray painted on the outside wall of a local Jewish school

South- Africa

  • BDS activits placed a severed pig’s head in the kosher meat section of a Woolworths store. The activists stated the action was intending to prevent “people who will not eat pork to pretend that they are eating clean meat, when it is sold by hands dripping with the blood of Palestinian children.”
  • Numerous Jewish organizations and Jewish community members have received threats of violence through social media and phone calls relating to Israel’s actions in Gaza
  • A wall along highway road was spray painted with a Star of David with a swastika inside it.
  • A wall near a local synagogue was spray painted with the slogan “Fuck the Jews”, alongside a swastika 

United Kingdom

  • Swastikas were painted on more then 20 cars in a heavily Jewish neighborhood
  • Visibly Jewish school students were refused entry into a sporting goods store by a security guard who told them “no Jews” were allowed in. The store later apologized and the security guard was fired
  • "Free Gaza" was spray painted on a synagogue.
  • A sign reading “child murderers” was taped the door of a synagogue.
  • A swastika was spray painted on the front door of a Jewish home.
  • Following a pro-Palestinian rally, occupants in a group of cars driving through the Jewish neighborhood of Broughton Park shouted and swore at Jewish pedestrians with slogans that included “Heil Hitler”. Cans and eggs were thrown at Jewish pedestrians from at least two of the cars.
  • 40 gravestones were pushed over and smashed in the Blackley Jewish Cemetery.
  • Neo-Nazi’s attacked concert-goers at a music festival, pelting them with fireworks and rocks

Sweden/ Denmark

  • Unidentified indivduals attacked a rabbi, throwing a glass bottle at his car while shouting “fucking Jews.”
  • The city’s main synagogue was attacked when unknown vandals hurled bottles at the building breaking three windows.
  • Two teenagers were arrested after attempting to break into a Jewish community building during a demonstration that featured anti-Semitic slogans
  • A high school which holds special classes for Jewish students was spray painted with anti-Semitic graffiti including a swastika, the phrases “Jewish swine” and “disgusting Jews,” and the number “1488,”a reference to the Nazi greeting “Heil Hitler.”
  • A Jewish school was had its windows broken, as was spray painted with slogans reading “no peace in Gaza” and “no peace to you Zionist pigs.”
  • Man Shot In Head At Synagogue 

These all happened in 2014/2015, but the news barely talk about this because we don’t matter to them.


so these violent death threats for jews happened up the street from my house today (my family lives on hampton street, it’s the house i grew up where my parents still live but i’m currently in another city):

"I saw something on the hood of my car that looked like a rope or something," she said. "As I got closer I started seeing all the other cars had red swastikas painted on them.”

The windshield on Sandra’s car was broken, and a pickaxe was left in front of the vehicle. There were also envelopes left on the cars with red swastikas drawn on the front of them.

"There were envelopes on all the cars and inside there was a bullet with a note that said one of these will be in your head," said Daniel, another resident whose car was vandalized.  He did not want to provide his last name.

[full article]

honestly i have no idea how to even react to this, like there’s a reasonable chance this fucker walked passed my house with a mezuzah on the door on his way up from the main transit lines on sherbrooke st to get to the intersection of hampton and cote st luc… and left fucking bullets with his death threats… i can’t believe my parents haven’t called me yet what the actual fucking hell

how do you respond to this????? like this is literally ON MY STREET

Parashat - Tzav

 by Meir Anolick

This week’s Parsha deals primarily with the carrying out of the inauguration ceremony of Aharon and his sons as they gain the position of Kohanim for their family for all generations. Moshe performed the sacrifices as part of this ceremony, as well as dressing his brother and nephews in their new, priestly garb in preparation for their new roles.

There are many situations in the Torah that I read about where I can’t help but think, “What was going through his mind?” Moshe was preparing his brother for the position of Kohen; was he happy for him, or, God forbid, was he jealous? Rashi back in Parshat Sh’mot (4:14) quotes the G’mara as saying that Moshe was intended to be the Kohen, not Aharon, and he lost it only because of his persistence in trying to avoid taking on the task Hashem set before him. Knowing that, could he now have felt regret as he dressed his brother in the garb of the Kohen Gadol whereas he should have been dressed in it himself?

Inevitably, one’s thoughts are often expressed, intentionally or not, through their actions. If Moshe Rabbeinu had any regrets or harbored any jealousy, then it would have presented itself through hesitation during the ceremony. Yet, the whole process seems to have gone very quickly; the Torah gives a description of events in such a way that it seems to go very fast, with no hesitation. It would appear that Moshe had no regrets, and certainly was not jealous of his brother.

(It should be noted that there is a Shalshelet, a very special and uncommon trop mark, over the word VaYishchat, “he slaughtered”, when Moshe was bringing the last sacrifice of the process. My father, a Baal Korei, always tells me that trop is the first level of P’shat, the simple meaning of the text. The Shalshelet mark implies hesitation, so it would appear Moshe did hesitate when bringing this sacrifice, the last one he would ever bring since afterward it would become the responsibility of the Kohanim. However, this does not imply jealousy or regret, only a love for performing the service of Hashem and wanting to draw out his part in it as long as he could. When it came to the dressing and anointing of his brother, there is no hesitation to be seen; Moshe Rabbeinu carries out Hashem’s word with alacrity, as always.)

Unfortunately, whether with brothers or friends, most people have trouble not being jealous of what their fellow has obtained, especially when it was something they felt should have been theirs. However, we can learn from Moshe Rabbeinu, among other things, that when your brother is given honor that you deserved, do not hesitate to celebrate in his honor. Even more so, do not hesitate to be the one to give him that honor, and do so with alacrity and joy.

Shabbat Shalom 


1300 Norwegian Muslims Form Protective Ring of Peace Around Synagogue in Oslo (February 21st 2015)

“And today we Muslims finally get an opportunity to show our version of our religion and change what the media writes about us. Today we get to show that Islam stands for peace and unity.” 

Quote by 17 year old event organiser Hajrah Arshad (pictured above).

Read more in English

All photos by Håkon Mosvold Larsen NTB Scanpix | Source in Norwegian: nrk.no | Source in English: Euronews | Video of the event.

jewish people are not white
  • judaism is a religion people can convert to
  • being jewish is also an ethnic identity with roots in the middle east
  • bc of the above point, many ethnically jewish people are “visibly” jewish—even most otherwise white-passing ashkenazim (dark curly hair, facial features, etc)
  • even if you don’t fall under that category, all that makes you is white passing, not white
  • the USA is the only place i can name where white passing jews are viewed as white. i know that if you go to europe, at least, you are not seen as white.
  • jewish people rarely benefit from being called white, being viewed as white is for the benefit of white people, any privilege we have is conditional and can be revoked by white goyim whenever
  • antisemitism is racialized violence. non ethnically jewish converts experience antisemitism but not on the same level
  • the only way to be white and jewish is to be a white convert

this is totally open for discussion, i appreciate additions or corrections, except from goyim (reblog this tho)