Selected works by Winnipeg-based artist and illustrator Dany Reede

"I have never felt comfortable within the realms of the “conceptual insider art world.” Using art as a method to achieve some sort of social status through intellect is something I can’t grasp, and prefer to use it as a therapeutic device to cope with my—often debilitating—social anxiety and depression. My work exemplifies the struggle between my mind’s habitual cravings for a place, while my body is stuck in another. Through reoccurring imagery and text, I am able to create honest, specific, and autobiographical work about the different routines that help me confront this disconnect.” (text from danyreede.com)

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Dani Carvajal receives the ‘Jóvenes 2014 D. O. La Mancha’ award for being a standout athlete over the course of the year | 24.11.2014

“It is an honour for me to donate this prize to the Real Madrid Foundation and the Manos de Ayuda Social Foundation (…) I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for my team-mates, the coaches and everyone involved with Real Madrid.”(x)

Eight Real Madrid have been included on the 40-man shortlist:
Defenders: Dani Carvajal & Sergio Ramos.
MidfieldersJames Rodríguez, Toni Kroos, and Luka Modric.
Forwards: Cristiano Ronaldo, Karim Benzema, and Gareth bale.

The Dani-Leo understanding

Commentators Sky Sports: There is constantly talk about this being Alves’s last season, But personally i don’t think there’s a anyone who can take his place. Thats his spot. And the understanding he has with Messi is unbelievable. There is no one like him!

few seconds later:

Messi scores and assist came from Dani. Commentator: This is the understanding i am talking about, they have build this understanding for many many years.