fave cover of 2015 so far

When there was a Stark in Winterfell, a maiden girl could walk the kingsroad in her name-day gown and still go unmolested, and travelers could find fire, bread, and salt at many an inn and holdfast. But the nights are colder now, and doors are closed

Soon comes the cold, and the night that never ends.

The thought that keeps going around in my mind during my reread is “We** did this to ourselves.” (**We, meaning humanity, or the sum total of all characters in the story.) The Others are barely on the page, and I know that some people complain about that, but it seems very fitting to me. 


Game of Thrones Social Media AU - Daenerys Targaryen is the bestselling author of the Stormborn series and she has agreed to developing a script for a possible television adaptation. Her life is becoming more hectic as the television show begins to progress but she loves being busy and her relationship with the award-winning musician Jon Snow has made her happier than ever.