Picture Perfect (short film)

We’ve just released this new short film to raise support for Leukemia awareness and to encourage you to join the bone marrow registry. Read more about why we made this video here:

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The Jubilee Project - Be The Change

The Jubilee Project features an interview of Wong Fu and other Youtubers about what they would like to see in the world.

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 In light of the recent tsunami in Japan, the Jubilee Project will be donating a penny 3 pennies for every view that this video receives in the month of March on the Jubilee Project YouTube channel. If you’d like to become a sponsor of the video and match this donation, email 100% of the proceeds from the fundraiser will go directly to World Vision in Japan to provide emergency supplies like life-saving food and water to those who need it most. Learn more about World Vision here:

Somewhat unrelated to Wong Fu Productions but this Jubilee Project short film features Clara Chung, Arden Cho, and Jennifer Chung which they have worked with Wong Fu Productions in the past. Jubilee Project produces films for good causes. Maybe you have heard of Jubilee Project from a remake of their original short film, Love Language, that was popular around Tumblr a while ago. Help out! Every view counts ;]


This Time | A Jubilee Project Short Film

This is a great video and makes me so excited to watch Ki Hong’s acting in The Maze Runner!


Picture Perfect

"Once in our life we will meet someone that will change us. Someone that only come once in a million strangers we meet. Someone who will make us see how life so beautiful. That someone will pull us through whatever darkness we linger and show us that this world is colorful. Someone that will make you want to freeze those moments that you were together. Hoping that if your life will be repeatedly, you’ll wish to meet that person all over again. So, when you meet that someone preserve the memories. Just like the photo’s that came with them.

Let that beautiful someone live forever.”


The Last Pick | Published on Feb 4, 2013 

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"The Last Pick" is a video about helping others. When we give to others, we often benefit in return. It usually happens when we expect it the least, but need it the most.

This film was produced this past summer to support the Jeremy Lin Foundation (@jlinfoundation). The Foundation loves and serves children and youth, by providing hope, empowerment and leadership development.

To learn more about the Foundation and join our efforts, please visit our website

Written, Produced & Directed by Jubilee Project.
The Jubilee Project produces films for a good cause.

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Watch “The Last Pick” bloopers & behind the scenes here:



Dear Daniel (A Jubilee Project Film) (by jubileeProject)

Our goal with Dear Daniel is to empower young people who watch this film to chase their own dreams and live a life of passion. Too often we settle for less because of the many factors that tell us we need to play it safe and take the more conventional route. But this keeps us from actually becoming the person we are meant to be.


Picture Perfect (Short film) (by jubileeProject)


"One of the most beautiful experiences in the world is when two individuals can truly accept each other, regardless of any flaws either person may have." - T.G. (Myself)

Such a touching video! JUST WATCH IT!


Love Language


Hot off his documentary premiere at Sundance Film Festival, Jeremy Lin shows off his acting chops in this new short, “The Last Pick” by The Jubilee Project.Click here to read more!


okay but how many arden cho fans have seen this??