Hay que sacar el veneno
de los colmillos.
Pero quedan restos.
Por las noches
el lobo se despierta
y me acelera el corazón.
Angustiado, saco el hocico por la ventana
en busca de aire fresco.
Los rituales destructivos
de mi etapa heroica y mítica
son complicados.
Incluyen ciertos sacrificios secretos.
Debo cuidar a esa fiera salvaje
que me habita,
pero ya sabemos:
el mundo es peligroso.

El último misterio de John Snake / Pedro Juan Gutiérrez

Sólo necesito un reposo.
Mi strip tease
ha sido demasiado prolongado.
Mucho tiempo bailando desnudo
entre candilejas.
Y el público aplaude.
Y pide más.
Pero ya está bien.
Tengo frío en los huesos.
Estoy extenuado.
Necesito vestirme, apagar las luces,
tomar un té caliente.
Y olvidar.
En silencio. Solo.
Mirando las estrellas
y la noche oscura.
El mar. Y la noche. Y yo.
Nadie más.

El último misterio de John Snake / Pedro Juan Gutiérrez

Cops Find Unusual Piece Of Evidence At The Scene Of A Crash

Cops Find Unusual Piece Of Evidence At The Scene Of A Crash

Some bad decisions were made by a Texas driver in Corpus Christi who decided to get drunk then get behind the wheel and head home early Thursday morning. Juan Gutierrez, 23, careened off the highway and slammed into a bridge pillar before he carried on his merry way and walked from the scene, leaving his passenger in his badly damaged 2000 Toyota Camry, along with one very unusual key piece of…

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Bullpen Melts Again, Giants Swept by Rockies - 6/15/2014

This was a historically bad series. This was the kind of series that you tell your kids about some day, like the shutout sweep of the Dodgers a couple years ago. Bullpens are kind of like a room of chimpanzees with a typewriter. Every so often they’ll bust out Shakespeare. Those are the good bullpens. The bad ones are when the chimps start throwing their feces at the walls. For much of the year, the bullpen has been producing Hamlet. It’s been beautiful. This series was poop on the walls. 

Now that David Huff is gone, Juan Gutierrez is probably the most expendable part of the bullpen. He’s been a good find this year, and this was essentially his first bum outing. Hard throwing righties are a dime a dozen, though. If there’s a bullpen deal for another arm, Gutierrez is probably the one to go. 

Of course, we’re probably not talking about Gutierrez if Javier Lopez strikes out Justin Morneau instead of giving up a two run double. Its hard to fault Lopez too, since that was the first hit he’s given up since June 1st. Those two runs were charged to Gutierrez, so he took the loss, but the blown save belongs to Lopez. This one was more of an “aw nuts” towards the bullpen than a string of various obscenities. 

The real blame falls on the offense. It seemed like every inning they would put multiple runners on with less than two outs and they could only put up three runs on Juan Nicasio, who pitched like Brandon Belt would with his broken hand. Then Franklin Morales came in and had the same issues as Nicasio, and the Giants still could only score four runs off of him. The Rockies may have scored four runs, but the Giants should have had double that number by the 7th inning. Instead, the Rockies bullpen after Morales held the Giants to one hit in four innings. 

This might have been one of the weirdest series I’ve ever seen. The Giants will be lucky to have a pair of off days this week to rest their tired arms since the bullpen is currently just a pool of orange goo. If there’s anything positive to take away from this series, and by extension this home stand, its that the Giants starters were pretty dang good, all things considered. And it says something about how well this team has played this year when it feels like the Dodgers are breathing down their necks, when they’re still six and a half games out. It’s still not panic time yet folks. Nooooooot yet.