RETTA | Tomorrow

My cousin is CEO of JTon Records. Joy Tongo doin it big! 

Brand new video “TOMORROW” from Nigerian Soul/Pop singer RETTA

We’re never forced to contemplate what real loss might look like, the kind of loss that the novel evokes so well. Oppression isn’t just about laws and violence, it’s about ideas: winners create a “natural” order and put themselves at the top of it, making rebellion seem not just difficult but downright nonsensical. Being able to see through these skewed realities isn’t just a starting point, it’s a journey of its own — and it’s one that The Man in the High Castle's pilot, to its detriment, doesn't make us take.

The Man in the High Castle never lets us believe its alternate-history nightmare

néha meglep, hogy milyen váratlan helyeken bukkanhatsz jó írásra az interneten. most pl egy készülő internetes sorozat pilotjának a kritikájában… egy tech news szájton. marha jó.