Considering Posting this to Facebook as a Quasi-Farewell Address

"Apparently I haven’t posted a status update on Facebook in nearly 5 months, so I guess this would be an appropriate time to change that. To everyone that I’ve went to High School with for the last four years, it has been interesting. I won’t lie and be overly dramatic by saying I’ll miss each and every one of you because that wouldn’t be fooling anyone. I’ve had some good times with good people along with a number of bad times, but I suppose that’s Jefferson for you. The one thing that is certainly cliche yet undeniably true is that these four years have gone by fast, and there are a few people who have made them enjoyable. Thank you to those people, to the teachers who instilled within me the capability to go to an incredibly wonderful University in the fall and who have left me with a passion for learning in my everyday life, to the friends who have turned classrooms into comedy lounges and places of relaxation and enjoyment, and to everyone else in my life who pushed me to succeed in everything that I do. High School appears to me as yet another one fo those stepping stones in life. From here many people will go on to college, but for some this is the end of their journey through formal education. We all took a step together in leaving behind our past and moving into the future, no matter what that may hold for us. There is no turning back at this point, and from here on out we shall find new freedoms, new challenges, and so much more that falls under the unpredictable. To everyone, no matter where you end up in the fall, I implore you to strive for success and to be a lifelong learner, because this world is already filled with people who choose to be ignorant, shallow and self-centered, and we certainly do not need more of them. I implore you to be kind to your fellow human being, and to be generous in your daily life. I will try to do the same. My sincerest congratulations to the entire Class of 2013."

my original drawin for Awstyn was slop cuz wine n sleep so i started a doodle of her and Martin’s D&D charas, Rayven and Aly when

I….remembered…..I never got my broom stick….. enters Jack, my angry witch to get her revenge…….i need to sleep omf—