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Grasshopper: "This is an outrage! You are a disgrace to your Phylum, Order, Class, Genus and Spe…"
Centipede: "Say it in English!"
Grasshopper: ”YOU, sir, are an ASS!”


I thought I’d start sharing with you the work of some of my favourite virtual photographers, beginning with my good friend Joshua Taylor.

Dealing with virtual environments as well as their inhabitants, his work not only captures the narrative of games but also creates it’s own, showing glimpses of stories running parallel to the central plot. He also experiments in creating abstract images from surfaces, demonstrating a keen eye for pattern and texture.

Me and Josh got talking shortly after I started this blog, and we’ve formed a friendship based on the mutual admiration and respect of each other’s work, photography and of course, videogames. He’s always producing and sharing loads of great new work on a daily basis.

JTGP Tumblr | JTGP Flickr


James and the Giant Peach - Family (by MageMashers)

Watched this movie and a bunch of other old movies last night. Had to post a song from it.

captain-wackie-deactivated20140 asked:

I hate how you always put "do not reuse unless blah blah blah." You didn't create the environment which you just screencaped. You didn't do any real work. It's like taking a screen shot of a movie and claiming rights to it; you have none. I enjoy seeing what you do, either way, but it's just quite dumb.

Hello! As a side note, I’m actually very happy someone finally brought this up.. I was going to write a post as to why I do that but my response to this will suffice!

To begin, I fully understand your perspective and I think it’s quite normal to come into this genre of “art/photography” with said perspective.

But let me bring up an example of an instance within real world photography that I’m sure everyone within the practice can relate to..

Let’s say I am out walking around with my camera and find a very interestingly placed water bottle. Envisioning the photograph, I fiddle around the subject to try and “capture” what I was envisioning. For the sake of my example, we’ll say I got a decent shot of the water bottle and I went on my way. Now, that water bottle certainly wasn’t my “property” and anything else seen in the photograph certainly isn’t mine either. So later that night I upload the photograph onto Flickr and respectfully request no one to reuse it without my permission because it is rightfully my photograph. Now how is this venture of mine any different? I took the shot, therefore the photograph is mine. Sure the content within isn’t mine..but I took the time and effort to capture a piece of time and eternalize it within a photograph. Whether it be in a “digital” reality or reality it self.. I think that practice within photography is universal.

Though these are video games, the principle still works if your honest about your work. What I mean by honesty is by giving the developers credit for everything SEEN in the photograph. I hold a right to the photograph itself, the shot I took.. but I do not hold credit for what you see in the photograph. 

Now.. everyone will have differing opinions on this, just like you do :]. In-game photography certainly hasn’t been around the block long and debates on whether or not it can be truly justified as “photography” will surely arise in the future if more people take up the genre as an artform. None the less, I see what I do as photography.. because what I do in my real world work, the principles and discipline that is used, is used in my in-game photography as well (and then some). 

In the end, sssquid.. I’m very pleased to know you enjoy my blog! I am also extremely appreciative of the critisicm you have portrayed in your comment, thank you!



A Quick Update.

Hello everyone!

So a rather significant event has occurred in my life just recently (my left lung partially collapsed -_-) and has greatly hindered my RL and my time to do screenshots in a timely and efficient manner. So please bare with me if updates become slower in the next few days as I’m trying to recover from this rather odd and painful injury. 

Also, would you guy’s like to see Star Wars The Old Republic screenshots in the near future? Me and my guild will be launching into the game early access and well good old me will more than likely be doing screenshots more then anything else. 

Thank you for following this blog! I’m so excited for what the future has in store for us in the gaming realm and I look forward to continue bringing the beauty and art of such an amazing aspect of our modern lives!