Key about Onew: Onew has similiarity with Song Ilgook’s boys Mingukkie.  

Onew about Taemin: Once he falls(likes) something, he cannot let it go

Taemin about Jonghyun: Left-handed AB hyung

Jonghyun about Minho: In charge of handsome, but if we stand together we will be more outstanding.

Q: Would you like to be if you’re not a singer?
Onew: Architect
Jonghyun: Businessman
Minho: Reporter
Key: Student
Taemin: Pilot

Q: What a choreography do you like from SHINee’s song?
Onew: All of them
Jonghyun: Everybody
Minho: View
Key: View/Replay
Taemin: Replay

Q: What a song made you used to be a singer?
Onew: With Coffee
Jonghyun: I believe I can fly
Taemin: Rain Sunbaenim’s “Na”
Key: All of BoA and Dongbangshinki’s songs
Minho: National Anthem

Q: From successive song which was most similar to each of the personality?

Q: Singer which you want to work together as well?

Jonghyun: Red Velvet 

Key: BoA Sunbaenim.

Minho: GRAY 



(interview) [hot people] viva100

q: artist you want to work with in the future? (cr.)
jong: red velvet
key: boa sunbaenim
mh: gray

q:favourite song and choreography of the released albums? (cr.)
jong: everybody
key: view/replay
mh: view
on: all of it
tm: replay

q: title songs that are most similar to your personality? (cr.)
jong: view
key: view
mh: sherlock
on: sherlock
tm: replay

q: song that made you into a singer (cr.)
jong: i believe i can fly
key: all of boa & tvxq’s songs
mh: korean anthem
on: with coffee
tm: ‘me’ by rain

q: what would you be if you weren’t a singer? (cr.)
jong: business man
key: student
mh: reporter
on: architect
tm: pilot

key about onew: have similarity ith song ilgook’s boys mingukkie (cr.)
onew about taemin: once he falls (likes) something, he cannot let it go (cr.
)taemin about jonghuyun: left handed, ab blood (cr.)

q: shinee 10 years later? (cr.)
a: even after 10 years, our members will be having fun promoting earnestly together as five. shinee forever!


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