I cannot afford to Kicklaunch Abby Howard’s Slamkicker just yet, but hopefully if I spread the word about it you can help make her deamz come true for me.

That’s like donating, right.


also if the vampire who appears to be wearing a kiddie costume vampire cape unironically isn’t your favorite character already i’m sorry but you’re wrong.

also I’m still taking commissions! this was my warm up for the day

Strip Search panel was amazing and hilarious and emotional. Mike + Jerry announced that Ty and Monica have taken over The Trenches for them which is pretty amazing tbh. Also Nick proposed to his girlfriend at the end I may have cried a little but that’s a secret

Also HELLO ABBY I WILL BE YOUR FRIEND I like horror and stupid fat cats and I live near Seattle let me love you ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)