one of the kids at the youth center came up to me, pointed to my dermal, and said “Is that a piercing!?!” to which I replied it was. Then he ran off and I hear him telling the other kids, telling them it was gross/weird. Then I said out loud “ugh” and a boy standing near by had overheard me, and said “sorry.” 

Me: why are you sorry, you’re not the one making fun of me
Him: I know, I just feel bad
Me: ah don’t worry about it, the kids make fun me because they aren’t used to piercings
Him: the piercing just makes you Iron Man


jennaxwade said:

24. 37.

  • 24: My relationship with my parent(s)

Not really good, but neutral. We all respect each other and do our own thing.

  • 37: One of my insecurities

The shape of my eyes. It sounds quite dumb, but one eye is slightly more opened than the other haha.

Jenna Appreciation Post

for jspaggy

  • all those times you were DD for me
  • that year you leant me $200 when I was living in Toronto
  • those times you filled up my gas tank and didn’t expect anything back
  • those times I was doing my co-op and you picked me up from the city
  • those times you came to see me in TO
  • that time you bought me an owl mug for no reason
  • that other time you bought me another owl mug for no reason
  • that time you bought me a stuff kittycat when I was out of the hospital
  • that time you called the cops on me to find me
  • those times you brought me to the hospital
  • those times you defended me against mom and dad
  • those times I really didn’t feel like driving so you drove
  • those times you came to get a piercing with me
  • those times you make me sing with you, even when I don’t want to
  • those times we share and cry about uncle Yvan and Avery because we know how it feels
  • those times you wake me up because you are scared I am going to be late for work even if it scares you to cause you think I’ll be grumpy
  • those times you don’t make me go alone
  • those times you were patient with me when you had no energy left
  • those times you caught me about feminism
  • those times you could have gave me shit for drinking but didn’t
  • those times you bought me a movie ticket when I was running late
  • those times you give me a pep talk when I feel like shit
  • those times you tell me you are proud of me, when no one else does
  • those times you call me KayKay instead of Kayla
  • those times we watch law & order together
  • those times we double team it and hit on the same guy and laugh about it
  • those times you bring up my scars and say how you want to pay for plastic surgery to fix them
  • those times you stay up waiting for me to come home
  • those times you worry about me
  • those times you bring Mamiere and Papiere out when I am too busy
  • those times you went to work at the market because I didn’t want to
  • those times you cried because you saw me crying
  • those times we stay up and cry laughing about nothing
  • those times you taught me about feminism and rape culture
  • those times you helped me dye my hair
  • those times you buy something so we can share it
  • those times you let me eat mcdonalds even though you hate it
  • those times you help me pick out an outfit
  • those times you are honest even when you know I will be mad
  • those times you get the money box after work so I didn’t have to
  • those times you help me clean my car out
  • those times I wanted to die and you didn’t let me
  • those times you tell me I deserve to be happy
  • those times you make dinner for us
  • those times you donate or help at my events
  • those times you showed up to my apartment when I needed you
  • those times you put me first
  • those times you drive all the way downtown just to hangout for an hour
  • those times you really didn’t want me there but invited me anyways
  • those times you do my half of the dishes
  • those times you make me dance sober
  • those times you tucked me in
  • those times you used your gift card on me
  • those times we left early because I didn’t feel well
  • those times you put the cat on my bed
  • those times you encouraged me to get through it
  • those times you picked me up even if it was out of your way
  • those times you let me have my way
girl talk

"You always date losers. And you are never actually happy. You get infatuated with them and then you give all of your time and yourself to them. But you come home and you complain. You sleep over, stop taking your pills, eat shit, don’t sleep; you don’t take care of yourself. You deserve to take care of yourself."

-my twin telling it like it is

  • Me:I don't think I'll ever change. I think I'll always be stuck in these boy-crazy moods and I won't be able to think straight and be home enough, or whatever. I will keep doing what I have been doing everytime I date someone.
  • Twin:atleast if you do that, if you think you are unable to change, they should be a nice good. You can find someone that is actually good to you.

jennaxwade said:


12. What are your 5 favorite songs right now?

Here are 5 songs I sang today since I am tired of top40 at the moment and I don’t feel like anything good has come out lately:

Nothing compares 2 U - Sinead O’Connor
When I’m Alone - Lissie
Ho Hey - The Lumineers
Dancing in the Dark - Bruce Springsteen
Still Into You - Paramore

BFF or in this case Twin Questionnaire

What is my birth date?
What city was I born in?
What is my eye colour?
What is my natural hair colour?
What is my favourite colour?
What city did I grow up in?
What is/are my pet(s) name(s)?
What is my favourite holiday?
What is my favourite candy?
What is my favourite movie?
What is my favourite resturant?
How many tattoos/piercings do I have?
What is my favourite artist/band?
What is my favourite TV show?
What do I like on my pizza?
What did I want to be growing up?
What I say is my best feature?
How many boyfriends have I had?
My favourite subject in school was?
My car’s model is?
Where would I like to travel?
What is my shoe size?
What surgeries have I had?
What is my least favourite season?
Do I believe in ghosts?
Do I believe in true love?
Do I believe in aliens?
What would I wear on a first date?
What is the nicest thing someone has ever got me?
Where would I like to live?
Do I want to get married?
How many kids do I want to have?

- - - - -

Have fun jxspaggy

anonymous said:


10. Who was the last person you had a deep conversation with?

Jenna and I were just talking about work and work politics etc and it was kind of deep, I mean, entangled with talking about those sorts of things brings out alot of memories for when I was depressed and reoccuring issues I have come to accept. It wasn’t that long though, and if you mean deep deep, like try to solve all the worlds problems deep… I don’t know. I talk about work alot but thats not that deep now that I come to think of it. I used to have alot of deep talks with the person I was seeing but he hasn’t contacted me in some time.