Tolkien and Race Lifting

Most people assume that, because Tolkien describes Fingon as having long black hair woven into braids with gold thread, Fingon is therefore dark-skinned.

That’s certainly a valid assumption.

But Tolkien actually seems to have drawn the idea from a short story by nineteenth-century fantasy writer (and utopian socialist, and noted artisan) William Morris.

Morris’s hero also has long hair, braided into plaits with golden threads… but he’s a brown-haired, blue-eyed white guy.

All I’m saying is: Question your assumptions. Even your own mental images of how characters “ought” to look.

anonymous asked:

Have you read The Hobbit? And if so, did you enjoy the movies or the book better? I'm torn between the two.

Yep, I’ve read the books! I honestly did not mind (at all) the changes/additions that Peter Jackson made to The Hobbit Trilogy. It always surprises me when people throw a tantrum about the so called “deviations” from the book when the material they added into The Hobbit Trilogy was from the Appendices! Which Tolkien himself wanted us all to know in order to have a complete experience. 

If PJ had made The Hobbit following the book EXACTLY, it would have NOT been as entertaining as we know it now. Heck, Thorin & Balin were really only the 2 dwarves who had dialogue in the book. You barely hear about the rest of the company. I think that PJ excelled at making the audience truly care and love the characters (see: Bofur). 

I think that it’s just the way that filmmakers will continue to approach novel recreations. It would be lazy (and a serious cop out) if directors stuck word for word to the original source work. Really, there would be no point in paying $10+ if what you saw on screen is exactly what you read in the book. I’m not saying that production companies should completely veer off course from the text because there is such a thing as respecting the source text but a director and his team should be able to give it their own flair. 

Obviously I wish PJ had done some things a little differently (More Beorn, expanding Thorin/Fili/Kili’s relationship through DIALOGUE etc) but I was still 100% happy about the final product. Peter Jackson and company put a lot of effort, time, and money to bring Middle-earth on screen and I will be forever grateful to him!

Sorry if this turned into a rant! Guess I was pretty passionate about this topic, huh? Thanks for the ask!