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Onkey pancakes <3

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Get Down blasted through Kibum’s headphones, waking him up. He had always set that song as his alarm because it was loud and would wake him quickly. The alarm was set for 6am, but they weren’t promoting, so why would he be getting up early?

Kibum rolled over to look at Jinki. He was still sleeping, only his hair was showing from out of the blanket. Bum unlocked his phone and got on his instagram.

He was scrolling for only thirty minutes before he got up and stumbled into their kitchen. He opened one of the cupboards and pulled out the flour, baking powder, salt, and sugar. He got a bowl out from below one of the counters and set it on the table.

Before starting making the food, he turned on some new pop music he had gotten into on his phone. Just some calming piano music for the morning. He didn’t keep it too loud though since Jinki could wake up and hear him.

Kibum walked to the sink and washed his hands before measuring out all the ingredients he had gotten out. He stirred them in the bowl and bobbed his head to his music, singing along quietly.

It wasn’t before his singing became too loud. He was mixing the milk, eggs and butter into the mixture when his head turned around when he heard some soft shuffling on the floor.

Jinki looked at Kibum with sleepy eyes and messy hair. He smiled, and then looked down at the bowl,”What’s all this about?” 

Kibum frowned,”You weren’t supposed to wake up…“

“You were singing quiet loudly. I mean really, Bummie, you woke me up.” Jinki chuckled a bit at his frustrated boyfriend.

“Oh.. I guess so… Well since you’re up you can help me.” Kibum pointed under a cabinet. “There is a frying pan down there we can use. Get it out and heat the stove. Make sure you oil it.”

As Jinki was oiling the frying pan, Kibum spoke under his breath, and Jinki asked,”What did you say?”

Kibum shook his head nothing, then looked up to see oil start to drip from the pan. He jumped up,”Jinki, the oil!”

Jinki lifted the bottle of oil and looked down to see a frying pan full of oil, some dripping out of the sides. He let out a sigh, letting Kibum take the pan and set it carefully on a counter.

The younger let out a frustrated breath as he got a funnel out from a cabinet. He told Jinki to hold the bottle and funnel as he poured the oil into the bottle.

Afterwards, Kibum said,”I’ll let it go since it’s your birthday.” He smiled and put his arms around Jinki’s waist and pulled him close. “Happy birthday, old man.” He kissed Jinki’s lips softly for a moment before pulling away to grab the bowl of batter from the table.

They spent the next twenty minutes making little designs with the pancakes and laughing their asses off. Once all the pancakes had been made, Kibum told Jinki to sit at the table and not watch what he was doing.

Kibum then got busy setting up Jinki’s pancakes. The pancakes he chose for Jinki were the heart shaped ones. He put whip cream on them and put some berries on the whip cream. His mouth was starting to water,”Damn this looks good.” Jinki almost turned around before Bum said,”Yah! I said don’t look!”

Finally Kibum was walking to the table singing the happy birthday song. When Jinki finally saw what he had been creating, he smiled brightly.

The pancakes had a single candle that was lit, and there was a small chocolate tag that said,”Happy birthday, Jinki, I love you~” Jinki blew out the candle and Bum clapped.

Kibum was watching to see how Jinki would react to the pancakes, but after he had cut a piece, he was moving it to Kibum’s mouth. “Ah~” Kibum shook his head,”No, this one is for you.”

Jinki pursed his lips,”Just open your mouth would you, I’m trying to be cute.”

Kibum laughed,”Alright alright.” He opened his mouth and took the piece of pancake. As he chewed he let out a moan, causing Jinki to flinch,”Oh my god, these are so damn good….”

Of course, once all the pancakes they could take had been eaten, Kibum led Jinki to the bedroom for another special birthday gift.