//ARIES// Tasmanian Devil

//TAURUS// Aye-Aye

//GEMINI// Mata Mata

//CANCER// Narwhal 

//LEO// Glass Frog

//VIRGO// Giraffe Weevil

//LIBRA// Geoduck

//SCORPIO// Red Velvet Ant / Cow Killer

//SAGITTARIUS//  Giant Coconut Crab


//AQUARIUS// Monkfish

//PISCES// Giant Weta

how i visualize each sign
  • aries:lively concerts, winged eyeliner
  • taurus:green meadows, wildflowers
  • gemini:record players, waterfalls
  • cancer:fuzzy blankets, sand castles
  • leo:mini skirts, swimming pools
  • virgo:black nail polish, violins
  • libra:designer clothes, art museums
  • scorpio:lingerie, forests
  • sagittarius:rollercoasters, crop tops
  • capricorn:notebooks, video games
  • aquarius:writing in diaries, gel pens
  • pisces:ribbons, watercolors

anonymous asked:

I lost my virginity to my Scorpio boyfriend while at a party on the top of the persons roof that overlooked a nice elderly couples living room. I'm pretty sure they could see us because when we decided to leave the party the old lady came out to give us each a flyer about abstinence and how we can change. It was fun though. -Pisces girl.

seems too good to be true lol