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JR Smith has discovered the Kermit Meme

JR Smith has discovered the Kermit Meme

There are probably far more productive things JR Smith could be learning about right now. The Triangle Offense, perhaps? But upon second thought, that is not intertwined with any of my affairs.

Anyway, these are all screenshots of posts from JR’s Instagram. And speaking of Instagram, follow us at @NewYorkKnicksMemes ! 


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JR Smith is jealous of Lou Williams' 2 girlfriends

JR Smith is on the bottom-feeding Knicks, while Lou Williams is on the conference-leading Raptors.

But that’s not why JR is jealous, of course.

There have been rumors, corroborated by many photographs (including the one below), that Williams has TWO girlfriends.

JR Smith didn’t hide his envy/appreciation.

And you guys thought JR had somebody running his twitter for him…

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NBA suspends JR Smith

NBA suspends JR Smith

The NBA has suspended JR Smith after he hit Glen Rice Junior in the “groin” (yes, that means balls) in Tuesday night’s Knicks-Wizards game. Smith, who was suspended for five games last year after failing a drug test, will only be forced to miss one game this time around, at least as far as the NBA is concerned. As such, JR will not play in Wednesday night’s game against the Pistons (whose point…

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