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How to: What are the "must have" jQuery plugins?

How to: What are the “must have” jQuery plugins?

What are the “must have” jQuery plugins?

I’d like to know what are the most useful JQuery plugins. I’m particularly interested in those which are likely to be useful in general UI development, such as Tablesorter, rather than those which serve uncommon needs.

If you could provide a very brief description of the plugin’s purpose, that would be really helpful.

Thanks, Don

Answer: What are the “must…

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How to: Invoking a jQuery function after .each() has completed

How to: Invoking a jQuery function after .each() has completed

Invoking a jQuery function after .each() has completed

In jQuery, is it possible to invoke a callback or trigger an event after an invocation of .each() (or any other type of iterative callback) has completed.

For example, I would like this “fade and remove” to complete

$(parentSelect).nextAll().fadeOut(200, function() { $(this).remove(); }); 

before doing some calculations and inserting newelem…

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(こちらを参考にしました→HTML版簡易ローディング画面設置jQuery わかりやすかった)