Ever since the clean up and reboot of our IDE, we have been making great strides in our code. Last week we got our code working in the browser and bringing in the data using oauth. Before this, the oauth was only working in the iOS simulator. We also created a lightbox-like picture display which can be used to view and scroll through tweets and is touch enabled.

After studying twitter Api further we fixed the bug in our loops which generated the diamonds. We finally have a working display of media and non media tweets using the gear image as a placeholder at the moment. His is very exciting for us because it allows us to move forward in our styling and testing and creating our sub pages.

Today we created our dynamic navigation system set up specifically for the iPad. This navigation updates the content using Ajax instead of loading each page individually like we previously had. In the long run this will save us time and size.

Evora v1.0.1 Responsive e-Commerce Theme | FreezeTheme

Evora v1.0.1 Responsive e-Commerce Theme | FreezeTheme

Free Download Evora v1.0.1 Responsive e-Commerce Theme Nulled

Evorais a modern WordPress E-Commerce theme made to look awesome on any size of screen. It is an ideal theme for any web shop like fashion, clothing, accessories, shoes, tech or any other e-commerce businnes, be it big enterprises or small entrepreneurs. With great collection of elements to choose from you can build style it to suit…

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New Post has been published on Webdesign Pix

New Post has been published on http://webdesignpix.com/2014/cute-file-browser-with-jquery-and-php/

Cute File Browser with jQuery and PHP

Today we want to share a cool experiment with you. It is a cute file browser, which you can upload to a folder somewhere on your site and share documents, pictures and other files with the world. The app is built with PHP and jQuery and uses CSS3 extensively – no images or icons were used in the design, and the animations are smooth and work well even on smartphones.

How to use it on your site

Go ahead and grab the zip file from the download button above. Unzip it, then upload it to your server. The folder files is where you should place everything that you wish to share. No further set up necessary – the script doesn’t use a database and no configuration is needed.

Cute file browser

The idea

If you wish to learn more about how it works, here is a high-level overview of the functionality:

  • A PHP script – scan.php – scans the files folder and returns all files and folders as a single JSON object.
  • Our JavaScript code, with the help of jQuery, takes this JSON, and turns it into a grid of files and folders. Clicking a folder re-renders the view with its contents.

Because there is only one request to the backend involved, browsing through the file list and searching is instantaneous. We also update the URL and use the hashchange event to monitor for navigation using the back/forward buttons.

We invite you to play with the code – it has lots of comments and is relatively easy to follow.

Forcing files to download

Browsers open text files instead of downloading them. If you wish to force all files to download, place this .htaccess file in the files folder:

<Files *.*>
ForceType application/octet-stream

It should be called .htaccess (with a leading dot). This file is only supported on Apache web servers.

The design

The PSD for the design is available for free to all of our newsletter subscribers! Join or login from here to download it.

We hope that you find our file manager useful! There are lots of cool things that can be added to it, like browsing photos in a lightbox, playing back audio and video, and even enhancing it with file management features and uploads. We’d love to see what you come up with!

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StarReviews – Ajax & jQuery rating and review form | FreezeTheme

StarReviews – Ajax & jQuery rating and review form | FreezeTheme

Free Download StarReviews – Ajax & jQuery rating and review form Nulled

StarReviews is a Ajax and jQuery powered php Rating and Review form for your website or webshop.

StarReviews allows you to easily add a rating and review form to your products or services, etc, with just a few lines of code.

It comes with a admin panel to approve, manage and edit the ratings and reviews.

Reviews and Ratings…

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