I just realized I for got to review this week's Dexter


Season 6, Episode 5: The Angel of Death

Well just know I loved the shout out to season one’s classic Dexter killing moves. And I am very interested in where all this is going. The episode moved a little slowly at times, but it is setting something very exciting up. There has to be a reason for the Doomsday killings and I can’t wait to find out what it is.

Now here is a gif.


Psych season 6, episode 10: Indiana Shawn and the Temple of the Kinda Crappy Rusty Old Dagger

Desperaux is damn awesome! Love seeing him in this show! And him and Shawn always have great scenes. Overall, this episode had a ton of really great scenes. They ranged from entertaining to hysterical. The story was only ok. Sometimes this show is only good for its characters. But fuck me if those characters aren’t phenomenal. 


Modern Family, Season 3 episodes one and two!

SOOOO FUNNY!!!!!!! Two minutes in and it made me laugh out loud. When this show is funny…..IT IS SO UNBELIEVABLY FUNNY. I was dying in the second episode especially. Phil was just on his game I couldn’t help myself. Luke seems more funny this season as well, and I REALLY like how they aren’t playing it up as stupid anymore, just as a young boy. When he was all “I know what my sisters are doing” I was like “FINALLY” because the stupid thing would have gotten old. Also I am sad Dylan left because the Phil/Dylan friendship was….. oh my god. Oh and Lily can talk now WTTFFFFFFFF.


The Big Bang Theory, Season 5 Episodes one and two! 

LOVE. I was worried about how they would recover from that terrible occurrence at the end of last season but they handled it really well. Throughout most of the hour I was laughing my head off so I have like no complaints :) 

Sheldon is still amazing! But he also seems to be more human now which is great! They are very subtle about his character development and I really like that. His conversation with Penny in episode two was golden. 

I still hate Priya. I was hoping for no Priya but NOOOOOOO. 




Community season three episode 3: Competitive Ecology 

The Big Bang Theory season five episode 4: The Wiggly Finger Catalyst 

I combined the comedy shows for thursday to one review post because I don’t like to spam. Plus, reviewing comedy is easy! Anyway, Community was good this episdoe but I have to say the Chang stuff, while funny, was super confusing. I know it was some type of reference that I missed but still…. Also, Todd was awesome! Poor guy…..

Big Bang Theory has been meh the last two weeks. Last week I didn’t review because while I loved LOVED all the Amy stuff, I couldn’t stomach the Howard stuff. It was unbearable. This week that couldn’t stomach feeling was back with the Raj stuff because as the world should be aware I HATE RAJ. He is awful, literally the worst character. BUT Sheldon was amazing in this episode. The writers are slowly popping his social bubble by making him more silly and fun while remaining loyal to the character. LOVE. Also, the the fact that twice now they have called Amy Sheldon’s GF and he hasn’t denied it makes me happy.  


Dexter season 6, episode 4: A Horse of a Different Color

The season is perfectly adding a little bit more of a quicker pace every episode and it is wonderful. Also, I really like what they are exploring. It is taking the whole point of the show to the next level. Is it ok to do something wrong when you believe with all your heart that what your doing is not wrong? I love it. So complex. lol. Anyway, these Doomsday killers are super fucked up though. Like really fucked up. My jaw was dropping. And I never know what they are gonna do next! Also next week Dexter goes after them! INTENSE.

More thoughts on the episode are that Dexter is still the best dad ever, Deb should not have taken that compliment from the head chief guy (obviously he is just thwarting La Guerta by saying she did good), and the intern disappointed me. I thought she had some dark secret. Maybe she still does idk but I was a little let down by what she did with the hand. 


Psych season 6, episode 14: Autopsy Turvy

Loved it. I always do with this show! The creepy bookstore guy reminded me of Mary and how Shawn and Gus have the best scenes with creepy yet well-meaning people. It must be their type. Anyway, I just thought this episode was very clever and well done. The whole thing with the actor performing her everyday life for money… HILARIOUS. Henry at the end was funny too, Lassie making jokes with Shawn and Gus was amazing, the coroner is always funny to me, and I liked the style of the episode overall. However, they need to up the Shules and soon, AND we need to have the flashbacks come back please. 

P.S. Impala….*cough* SUPERNATURAL *cough*


Modern Family season 3, episode 17: Leap Day

They got so lucky they could release this episode on Leap Day. 30 Rock was not so lucky but their episode was superior. Anyway, I did not like this episode very much. I am ok with one awkward and embarrassing storyline, but not 2 and 3 seriously pushes it. As usual one of them was with Cam and Mitch. It always is. I need a formula change with those two and soon. Those party scenes were so awkward!! And all the period stuff was pretty awkward too. But the ending was indeed sweet and Phil was phenomenal as usual. I want to be him. 


Once Upon A Time season 1, episode 21: An Apple Red As Blood

Oh hell yeah! Brilliant! PERFECT. I can not wait for the finale. This was literally finale lead-up gold! Shit son people need to praise these writers for how they lead up to and handle finales. LOST’s finale episodes were always so brilliant for a reason! These people know what’s up. They even explain things right. They do not explain them overtly, but instead drop hints and lines and allow us to connect the dots because we actually aren’t idiots. For example Regina figured out about Emma probably the second Rumple outed himself and she was able to kill the Huntsman because her artifacts retained some magic. 

Oh man though…this finale…. I have a feeling magic is coming. 


Community season 3 episode: Origins of Vampire Mythology

Oh gosh this episode was perfect. Community has been killing it lately! Seriously, the Chang and Pierce bff thing was fantastic, Jeff’s continued character development was also good, and the Dean was THE BEST. When the Dead showed up at the apartment I just about lost it. He is my favorite character. The one thing I did not like was Annie’s character. She was good for most the episode except for when she was written to be pining after Jeff again. I just do not like them together. I love her with Abed to be honest. Speaking of relationships though, Britta’s smile at the end to Troy…. I dug it. 


Psych season 6, episode 1: Shawn Rescues Darth Vader. 

Happy this is back of course but can we just talk about how Shawn’s dad is a magnificent son of a bitch!? He is the best dad ever. I knew Shawn would get out of that situation and I knew how but that flashback at the end was perfect. Also, despite Shawn still fooling everyone Jules totally knows. She SO knows. 
Anyways this episode was very good and funny and I love having these characters back. The pacing in this show is always wonderful and sometimes the situations are so tense not because of drama but because of awkward and I love it.  

The new Doctor Who....


SO AMAZING!!! I have ALL the chills!!

I usually put gifs in my reviews but it is too soon I think.

The episode was just so well made I think. It didn’t become a campy time-travel we have to fix the past story. Instead it was a drama, witty and brilliant of course, about the story that began the season which is what I had hoped for and am pleased with. 

Also….. “Someone I like” 

UPDATE: The episode made perfect sense to me. I don’t know why everyone is saying it revealed nothing and made no sense. I thought they explained everything really well albeit briefly. 

Community season 3, Episode 2: Geography of Global Conflict

The episode was funny yeah whatever but what the most important thing from it was……..
Brita and Chang. Can we all just talk about Birta and Chang?????

Can we talk about how many tears Brita and Chang brought tears to my eyes. From laughter of course.

And THAT SONG!!!!!! I was dying.  


Up All Night episode 2!

Still amazing and funny. I love this cast sooooooooooo much! My only problem with this episode was its humor was the kind that puts the characters into an incredibly awkward or embarrassing situation and I find those so hard to watch……. I had to skip some parts for my nerves lol. I hope they don’t abuse this type of humor because I know some shows that do and I can’t watch them. 


Community season 3, episode 14: Pillows and Blankets 

This episode was actually perfect. I mean it stuck true to its theme and style and was just absolutely amazing. I really have no much more to say because it was just so good. Jeff’s journal entry, too, was great character development. Well, I think he has played along before but I think every time he does he changed a little. They really have been putting Jeff’s character through a lot this season what with already having attacked his vanity. Whatever, I am just happy this episode exists. 


The Vampire Diaries season 3, episode 8: Ordinary People

Facts: Rebekah is amazing. Klaus is amazing. Damon is amazing. Ripper Stefan is amazing. Then there are some other people who are whatever and weren’t in this episode at all. Basically, I liked this episode a lot. 

P.S. Elena is starting to give up on Stefan I think! YAY! It is an unhealthy relationship and the writing will suffer if it is dragged out any longer. 


Cougar Town season 3, episodes 12 and 13: Square One and It’ll All Work Out

Square One: HILARIOUS. I do not know why but it killed me. I was in tears and the jokes were just on a higher level than we have seen this season so far. I loved it. Travis’ awkward moments and sex talk scenes especially. 

It’ll All Work Out: The ABC jab at the beginning was much appreciated. And the fact they HAD to have a thanksgiving episode was great. It reminded me of FRIENDS and their tradition of thanksgiving episodes. I also liked the and was saddened by the Big Carl story. 


How I met your mother season 7 episode 5: Field Trip

This episode was of course funny but it had a lot of awkward. Like the field trip parts were very awkward but that is what they were going for so it worked, and the Marshall stuff was a bit awkward until the end. And Robin and Kal Penn’s character were awkward but I gotta say I approve of this fling. 

I just really want the Halloween episode!!!!