Holy shit. I just saw Zoso, a Led Zeppelin tribute band, and I am in awe. They were fantastic. I’m shaking. The Robert’s vocals were amazing. The Jimmy’s guitar playing was p-h-e-n-o-m-e-n-a-l. The Bonzo was a beast on the drums and played with the speed and might of a god. And the JPJ was just amazing— he played the mandolin, bass obviously, and the keyboard. He was amazing. Such a diverse, talented, and /on-point/ band. They were so together and in-tune with both one another and the audience. I was in the front row to the right where the Jimmy played most of the time. Holy fuck, don’t even get me started on how much that Jimmy actually looked like Jimmy. The mannerisms were there. The little hand flicks, the little dances, the foot stomps, the pursed lips— all there. I was right in front of him and he made eye contact with me at least ten times. For a long time, too. My heart nearly stopped. He was brilliant. The Jimmy pointed at me a lot and I was like oh fuck oh my god. It was great. I looked so groovy too. Paisley, bell-sleeved shirt and flared jeans. Gah. Tonight was amazing.

After the encore (Kashmir with some cool theremin), the Jimmy looked to me and threw me his pick, but I dropped it and some other lady lunged at it and took it. I was a bit disappointed but who cares lol.

I shook hands with the Robert and Bonzo. I can’t even hear right now omfg.

But I’ll post some videos in a bit!

If Zoso ever makes its way to a city near you, I recommend seeing them one hundred percent. It’s the closest to Zeppelin there is.

Captions of what Led Zeppelin is actually thinking in each photo:
  • Plant:Sunshine in my face let it glorify the golden locks of my hurrr I am the Golden God yay me.
  • Page:I'm quite the dainty gentleman yet I secretly want to dominate all you fine young women but I will keep that part of me hidden behind my Thelemic aura of cosmic charm.
  • Jones:I am a doll, not much of one but I do enjoy being that handsome chap in the group. Lovely.
  • Bonham:Bonzo

Led Zeppelin posters from 1968-1969. First two posters say “Yardbirds” or “New Yardbirds, featuring Jimmy Page”, because they were billed under that name, and it was used for promotion. The posters were used for the Scandinavian, UK, and North American tours, beginning in 1968.