Identity Week Three

I have this friend that’s going through this huge transition in her life. And I mean the works. Not only a new job, but a new career path. Not only a new city, but a new city on a different coast with no family or friends. And it’s also August now which means that fall is just (looming?) around the corner. Transitions are all over the place. I feel like people all around me are going through transitions.. starting school, new jobs, beginning and ending relationships. And there’s always a lot of fear surrounding these transitions. There’s always that fear of something ending. What am I leaving behind? Am I making the right transition?

Any change of season or change in our lives is bound to bring some uncertainty. And instead of feeling panicked or worried, we can start to breathe through these changes. In our yoga practice, we encounter transitions all the time. We begin with saluting the sun, which is the celebration of light in our lives and eventually end in corpse pose, which is the practice of letting go and surrendering. And then we wake up to the fetal position and come back to our regular lives. All the while we are breathing through our transitions. This week we’ll practice letting go of the fear of transitions and ending and start breathing through changes and uncertainties.

Think of a transition in your life. It can be big or small, just something that’s changing in your life right now. And instead of fearing the end of your current state or the unknown of what is to come, dedicate your practice to breathing into these changes.

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