There’s a poll being conducted right now about if there should be more female enemies in games. The questions are pretty basic, but it’s interesting that about 80% of gamers only think that sometimes there should be as many female enemies as male enemies. It’s also interesting how those who identify as women have less of a problem of killing a woman in a video game as those who identify as a man do.

'45% of all gamers are women'
This is such a tired and nonsensical statistic, because it does not specify the GENRE of games that women play. Are they playing shooters? RPGs? Adventure games? None of this is addressed in that statistic …. The genre of games that women generally prefer to play do not include enemies, and in many cases they may not even include male or female characters. In addition it is made clear that men not only play more games in general, but also spend SIGNIFICANTLY MORE on games per year. THIS is why genres like the first person shooter, RPG, etc. are primarily catering to men, because men are the type of demographic that generally purchases these kinds of games to begin with. It has nothing to do with discrimination, it has everything to do with basic marketing. I don’t see men complaining about how ‘chick flicks’ aren’t more inclusive to males, why is this suddenly considered an issue?
So please, stop with this ‘45% of gamers are women’ statistic, because it’s completely meaningless and just confuses the issue.
—  Nadie on “Joystiq Discussion: Should there be more female enemies in games?”

This is Joystiq’s ethics page.

This should be the starting point for gaming site ethics policies.

It covers many of the points I have mentioned.

Staff members may not accept travel, accommodations or gifts of any nature from a company or representative that has direct interest in our editorial content without public disclosure. Joystiq does not accept airfare or hotel accommodations for its staff from companies or representatives hosting an event that requires transportation and accommodation. Any deviations from this policy will be expressly made public on a case-by-case basis.

And although not specifically mentioned in the policies, the effect of them is that Joystiq contributors cannot support kickstarters or patreons because they may have to report on them.

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#GABhangsout; for the first time of hopefully many, Gamers Against Bigotry joins forces with seasoned gaming devs, journalists and community members to discuss issues within the medium. Contains swearing, sass, drama, romance and thrills!

Roster (Left to Right)
- Harry Bentley, from The Geek Show UK
- Jenny Haniver, from Not In The Kitchen Anymore
- John Warren, founder of Minicore Studios
- Sam Killerman, Creative Director of GAB
- Susan Arendt, Managing Editor of Joystiq

Far Cry 4 Makes an Appearance 

We loved Far Cry 3, and so did most of the world. And while a sequel isn’t all that surprising, leaked information is always frowned upon in this secretive industry of ours. Fortunately, Xavier isn’t the first to mention the sequel prematurely. According to PC Gamer, composer Cliff Martinez beat him to the punch. 

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Saw this on Joystiq and I thought I’d share.

Reddit user fiscal_ reached out on the forums two weeks ago, asking if anyone had contact info for Bungie, the original team behind the Halo series. His young son was a huge Halo fan, but more importantly he was recovering from an intense liver transplant surgery, and fiscal_ wanted to cheer him up with something from his favorite franchise. Bungie delivered.

Bungie sent over a full-size replica of Carter’s helmet from Halo: Reach for fiscal_’s son to keep, along with a t-shirt and a card signed by Bungie staff wishing him well. “My family can’t thank Bungie enough,” fiscal_ wrote. “I know that they have had a huge impact on how well my son has been recovering after his surgery.”

This album of pictures tells the whole, heartwarming story.


This is just ridiculous. There are so many games with female leads (whether they’re great female leads is debatable, but suffice it to say there are plenty of games starring ladies). I can’t believe some publisher literally said:

You can’t have a female character in games. It has to be a male character, simple as that.

How can someone think like this at all? This is just plain stupid. Sometimes I just don’t understand people.

Edit: Just to clear a few things up, this game is still being released, just a few potential publishers rejected it based on the main character. I’m so looking forward to playing this during the summer.