Joy Love

Based solely on my previous attempts at getting something started here, I should know better, but I wanted to give this a try anyway.  As many of you are aware of Tumblr’s own popular and well loved Joy has been going through some probably pretty serious health issues for a while now, and I’m asking for your help to show her some love.  It would be difficult if not downright impossible to think of anyone on Tumblr who’s actually been more giving, nurturing and loving than her over the last couple of years or so.  I have done my share of reblogging and heart bombing during my time here, but ego or not, I simply have to acknowledge the master.  Even while she hasn’t been feeling well she’s MADE time to do her reblogs and features.  I wonder how many of us would actually do that.  I’ll have to go no comment on that one.  If anyone is interested, I’m requesting your help to remind her again just how special and well loved she truly is here.  It’s not a contest, and there are no rules, but it would be nice if you could sneak in joy or love somewhere in your post.  If you wish to write something for her, please tag it joylove and I’ll reblog everything written for her over the next couple of days or so.  Thank you and love to all. 

"It’s all about the hearts people"
My friend Joy

on the town

It’s always a sight
at the trattorie
when the wild city critters
make a crazy scene

crumbled cake,
chaos and snarky weasels
in tall starched collars

paper crowns,
rumpled nightgowns
won’t somebody have mercy
turn that racket down

reptilian wait staff
spin and slither
a tortoise brings cold breakfast
in time for dinner

in the midst
of din and clatter
a little honey badger
not minding the matter

scrubbing pots
cleaning up kettles
sweeping out the drip droppings
before they settle

he keeps to himself,
he doesn’t care
doesn’t give a shit about
the whole damn affair

he sticks to his task,
gets it all done
leaving the big city moon
for the country sun

© 2013-Rene

For Joy

Autumn is messy.
Winter is bland.
Spring is quite rainy.
Summer should be banned.
And someone who is constant the whole year round
should be treated like a queen and directly crowned.