j o y.

Olivia is a 17 year old musicial talent. She is a producer, vocalist, beat maker and can play a bunch of instruments. Her debut EP Stone is full of vibes from the ‘Stone’ on the ground, to vibes that take you to the ‘Weather’

I caught up with the gorgeous and highly talented Olivia ‘Joy’ McCarthy in Melbourne’s CBD last week, before she played the Northcote Social with UV BOI and Tkay Maidza. We walked through the city, smoked some cigarettes, wondered in the park, talked about how she has been working up some good stuff since we last met, found a big grey suit area to take some photos and dropped her back at the SBS building in time.

Expect more good stuff from joy. and more photos + good stuff like this from Doug Bennett

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Seeing the glory of Jesus Christ in the gospel awakens joy. And joy in Christ magnifies his worth. That is why Satan aims chiefly at blinding us from seeing Christ for who he is. He hates to see Christ honored. And Christ is mightily honored when the sight of his glory gives rise to the kind of gladness that cuts the nerve of sin and causes radical sacrifice in the cause of the gospel.
—  John Piper: When I Don’t Desire God