14 Times Melanie Was A Mess on  Hot in Cleveland

1. When she woke up in bed surrounded by candy wrappers. 

2. She woke up dressed as an Amish man. 

3. She woke up duct taped to a wall. 

4. She fell into holy water eating a box of communion wafers.

5. She pretended Elka was her girlfriend on a lesbian cruise. 

6. She wound up on a ledge dressed as a gargoyle. 

7. She accidentally motor-boated her idol’s boobs. 

8. She got felt down by a strange woman. 

9. She chased a balloon Santa down the chimney. 

10. She regressed into her old high school self. 

11. She dropped her date’s phone in the soup, then licked it clean. 

12. She crawled away from her cheating boyfriend in a terrible disguise. 

13. She knocked out her chef with a frying pan.

14. When she told off skinny-obessed Hollywood, “This is what normal looks like!” 

See what kinds of trouble Melanie gets into in our ONE HOUR season finale on Wednesday at 10/9c on TV Land! 


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