The guy who wrote this article is exaggerating a lot but I kind get his rage because, here is the thing about band shirts: The music you listen to and the bands you’re into say a lot about who you are as a person. They’re not only a piece of clothing or a piece of fashion, they’re a conversation starter. A lot of people who I know who listen to rock and metal are pretty shy, and so am I. But I could easily talk to anyone who wears a shirt of a band I like and have a conversation about it, and make new friends with the same interests. That’s also the reason why every High School has this group of people who are all wearing band shirts hang around together during lunch breaks. It’s basically a subculture. 

So (for example) if some random girl in a Rolling Stones shirt tells you that she just liked the shirt because of the slutty lips on them… And when you start talking about Mick Jagger she says “That’s that guy from Maroon 5, right?” It is annoying because it makes you feel like she’s making fun of your subculture. And makes you feel like the band you’re very passionate about doesn’t really matter.

And that’s why that guy is so pissed

I don’t drink Sangria. I’ve tried it, but I don’t really like it. Robbie Fowler told me the other day that I had been in Liverpool for three years now, so I was officially an Englishman and they should change the chant to: “Luis Garcia, he likes to drink beer.” …I don’t drink beer either.