Woooo! Thank you guys so much! I really, really never expected that making ponymotes bob around and talk would grow to this degree when I started. I’m totally touched that so many people are entertained enough to want to keep following what I do. What’s next? 10,000’s probably a little optimistic, but, hey, maybe one day!

Celebrate this milestone with me by watching until 5,000 Pinkies have popped out! Those two and a half hours will just fly by.

Yes, we encourage you to always work towards progression, but being happy with yourself is most important. Throw your middle finger to what the media says is “perfection” and OWN WHO YOU ARE! #doyou #motivation #inspiration #inspire #behappy #happiness #life #love #happy #joy #peace #hope #love #blessed #hermosa #hermosabeach #manhattanbeach #redondobeach #redondo #southbay #beach #beachcities #health (at Poise Fitness)

How to be happy

Pray all the time.
Pray every day.
Pray in the shower.
Pray in the car.
Pray while you’re falling asleep.
Pray while you’re exercising.
Pray when you’re confused.
Pray when you’re stressed.
Pray when you’re sad.
Pray when you’re thankful.

We have been given the opportunity to talk to the God of the universe, the God who thought of armadillos and flamingos, we can talk to him absolutely whenever we want.
How incredibly of a gift is that?
We can bring our problems directly to the God of the universe. He will withhold nothing good from those who walk uprightly.
Look at the positive side.
No matter how bad life is, God works things out for good to those who love him, he has you, holds you, safe in his loving arms.
There will be trials and tribulations, but if we had a perfect life we wouldn’t need God!
Be thankful for all things.
Be thankful for the heartbreak, it’s shaping you into who you’re meant to be.
Learn to be thankful and trust God.
Give your problems to him.
That is the key to being happy.