Journey Through Subbed: D.Gray-Man - End

I think i’m going to finish JTS once i’m done with the series and watch it again. But this time i’ll watch all of it subbed. I just have so many feels of it right now that it’s hard to write it all out. And it’s hard to type when your crying. But, oh my god. This show rocks my world. I’ll be back on this in probably a year or something. 

Journey Through Subbed: D.Gray-Man - Episode 61 - 64

It’s too much to blog. Just watch it. 

Lenalee’s hair is gone, she killed the Level Three Akuma, and her Innocence saved her.
Lavi cried, he calls Krory Crow sometimes, he was infected by the virus, Krory saved him. 
Krory saved Lavi from the virus, but now he’s out of Akuma blood and lightheaded. 
Bookman almost died, Lavi saved him, he protected Miranda’s Innoncence.
Miranda hung on til the end, she still felt horrible for the death of all the men.
The whole crew died, they all protected Miranda because she could heal them for them to carry on, they didn’t want someone who could kill Akuma to die.
Mijora and Anita died, I think they were in love.

Yup. My life is ruined. Now it’s time to sleep.

Journey Through Subbed: D.Gray-Man - Episode 60

Wow. Just wow. This episode was crazy!

Allen is fighting all this time and yet he still isn’t strong enough to regenerate his Anti-Akuma weapon. I do wish he gets better soon. 

Level Three Akuma? All I have to say is WTF. Can they even kill it? Is Bookman dead or just unconscious? Did Lenalee kill the Akuma in the end with the flash of light? I want to hear the story of how a Level Three Akuma is made. How this one in particular was made. I just want to know.

I did notice another difference between this subbed version and the english version. They call the “Black Order” the “Dark Order”. I can’t tell if that was a translation problem, directors problem, or if it was on purpose. Just another little something I observed. 

Journey Through Subbed: D.Gray-Man - Episodes 58 and 59

Allen wakes up alive in the Asian branch of the Black Order. And he still wanted to keep on going. He never stopped moving, listening to Mana of course. It’s very inspiring how all throughout the series he does this. Stays true to his word to Mana and never quits. It’s a quality of his I like. I just hope he keeps it up enough to regenerate his Anti-Akuma weapon soon. I really want to see Lenalee’s face when she sees him alive in person. ((I really don’t know weather or not to ship them.. Cause Lenalee could be with other guys from the order and it would be just as cute. I’m starting to lean towards her and Allen though.)) 

He tries and tries again with regenerating his Anti-Akuma weapon. He never quits. Not until they demand that he breaks. He still eats a lot of food and sleeps for only a short amount of time. He’s the same old Allen personality wise, but that doesn’t mean loosing his whole purpose of life hasn’t effected him. He will continue to fight the Guard Girl ((I don’t remember her name.)) and discover his bond with his Innocence. I have faith in him. 

This show just makes me really happy, okay? 

Journey Through Subbed: D.Gray-Man - Episode 57

Everyone was so sad. We even saw Lavi angry. And he’s still alive? Bookman was right. Allen can’t die. Why would he? He’s the Destroyer of Time. He will defeat the Millenium Earl. So he can’t die. And he didn’t. He’s alive. But he lost his arm. His hand is broken. His heart has a hole in it. How. 

They reintroduced Miranda. I absolutely love her, for multiple reasons. She does such funny things that you can’t help but laugh at her. Yet, she’s always so nervous about everything. She never wants to disappoint or do something wrong. She almost reminds me of myself. I absolutely love her. And her Innocence is quite useful. Even though it isn’t permanent, it is still a huge help. Her past makes her perfect for the job too. I just hope she can get stronger and grow throughout the show rather than be the same old character. ((I also secretly ship her and Krory.. But I don’t even know if that happens. I just want it too. Seriously, how cute!))

I’m crying and happy and confused at the same time. I really need to sleep, but I know I won’t be able to. Just a couple more episodes? Ugh.. I don’t even know. 

Journey Through Subbed: D.Gray-Man - Episode 55

This whole episode just ripped my heart out. It was so sad I just can’t stop sobbing. Allen just wanted to save him. He almost died trying to save him. And you even had hope for about a minute that Suman would survive. But it was all a lie. And now my heart hurts and I’m crying. I wish Allen Walker was a real man. He’d be the sweetest and selfless person. I’d want him to be by my side. Because Suman had hope that he would see his family again, and Allen thought it could work. But there was no happy ending.

I must say, Tyki Mikk is my favorite villain of all time. He’s so dark and handsome and smooth, but he’s also very clever. He’s afraid of loosing his double life, but equally enjoys the danger. And he can just kill. Kill anyone, and he is just so good at it. You hate it cause it’s one of your favorite characters and that Tyki couldn’t just be a good guy, but you love it cause he’s crafty and takes extra special care of his prey. I’m so very impressed by him. 

All in all, most emotional episode next to the series of episodes with Lala and the Guzsol. The Ghost of Matar episodes were very well done (not to mention they also made me cry), but this collection is just killing me. Excuse me while I go sob and watch another episode. 

Journey Through Subbed: D.Gray-Man - Episode 54

Okay, so the player still isn’t working.. But I did find the exact copy on YouTube this time. 

I’m still learning so much about Fallen Ones. Even more about Suman’s life and why he sold his soul to Tyki. He wanted to see his family again, so he went against his honor and pledge to the order so he could live. When he told Tyki the location of the others, Tyki then left him for dead. I was only when Suman woke up in a house of a friendly family did he instantly turn into a Fallen One. I just makes me so sad that there was never a successful attempt of curing a Fallen One.Allen believes that if he were to remove his Innocence, Suman would only use an arm (the one that was born with the Innocence, he is a parasite type like Allen) and then the Innocence would then stabilize. This way they could safely take it back to the order and no akuma could get it. There is also a chance that it could be the heart. So many questions! 

Okay, I seriously started crying and screaming and flailing when Suman bit through Allens right hand. Like, I saw it coming; but oh my god that was just horrible to see Allen in such pain. And then, when you didn’t think it could get any worse.. When Allen attempted to remove Sumans Innocence, his hand like scorpianed and cracked. This time the one with his Innocence!! 

Okay, I need to go back to watching it. Otherwise i’ll go crazy. Hopefully have another one of these up soon!

Journey Through Subbed: D.Gray-Man - Episode 53

I was having a very hard time when trying to watch this episode. The website I am using to get these episodes for free ((link at bottom of post)) for some reason was acting up. The play would stop and have a loading bar with 99% labeled upon it. And since i’m a impatient fucker, I didn’t want to wait. So I just went into YouTube and watched a subbed version there. This is where my question arises.. I did manage to watch some of the episode before switching to the YouTube version, and I caught that the subbed was different in each one. Either phrases or even words were completely different. For example, when Suman in the Fallen One form started repeating the word “cursed” in the YouTube version, I caught that in the website version it was tranlated to “curse it”. Along with other phrases that I cannot remember at this time. Is it because Japanese can be translated in different ways? Why would these be so similar (same show, concept, plot, voice actors, etc.) but not have the same translation? I thought that only the distributor could sub it. Either way, it was a very confusing thing for me to come across.

A couple of good things to say.. I do very much like how in the next season, they introduce the very important concept of a Fallen One. It draws me in and makes me want to know more.. Like, how and why would Innocence reject the apostle who was matched? Allen concluded that it was because Suman asked the akuma (it was actually Tyki Mikk, part of the Noah family. But for some reason, no exorcist has been informed of them yet.) for mercy? Not doing his job could anger god. Therefore, angering the Innocence. The Innocence knows that it has to fight no matter what. It has to free the souls of akuma. That is its main purpose. So maybe an eternal punishment for being scared (a common human emotion) was the most logical thing to do? I just can’t wrap my head around that. But I want to know more! 

I would love to watch the next episode, but it’s my first day of school tomorrow and I should sleep.. 

Free subbed episodes of D.Gray-Man:

Journey Through Subbed: D.Gray-Man - Episode 52

I find it very odd how different D. Gray-Man is when you go from English dub to the original Japanese. 

Mostly because when they translated ‘akuma’ to demon in the subtitles. When you look at the japanese word for demon, it is translated to akuma, (I will leave a link at the bottom of the post for proof). I just find it odd that in the English dub, they kept it the Japanese word. But why? Was it so people of a different religion could accept the show in the U.S.? Was it the authors choice? I just found it odd to read and hear.

Another very weird part I caught was Krory’s name. Lavi at one point ask’s Krory if he is okay.. But his name was translated too ‘Crow’. I looked up the translation of crow and Krory but found nothing resembling his name. Could it be a nickname Lavi gave him without me noticing? Or was his name changed completely in the English dub? 

And of course, it is very hard to get used to the original voice actors. Allen sounds more like a little kid than a teenager, which kinda makes me angry. Lenalee doesn’t have the same pitch. It seems to be a much more darker tone than what I expected. Krory’s voice sounded very similar, just not as enunciated. Lavi’s kinda made me laugh, because he sounds like a MAN. Wow. I just don’t expect that from him after the episodes before. And of course, Bookman sounds like the old panda he is. 

I will try to catch more changes as I go through the subbed episodes 52-103. 
**click the translated Japanese symbol and choose the second selection to hear the word ‘akuma’.