"How did God affect your life?" she asked.

"He filled my crevices. He replaced some broken parts of me that the world can’t even fix. I can name some things that already changed but majority were still unknown. Maybe because there were unforgiven and forgotten people and cluttered memories way back. And all of them — gone. It’s like I chose to love Him last night and I woke up this morning feeling adored from head to toe," I answered.

"The Goat whisperer" - Rogersville Tn

Can you see that smile, both have the same, beautifull, a true Friendship between a man and a goat. 

A life Story by Tonino Rizzo-Boyce

" I remember that day as if it was yesterday, It was February, but the sun was shinning in Between two clouds, this young guy ask us to pose for a photograph, so i picked up my favorit little goat, and we felt that connection, the unbreakable bound of frienship"


There are people in this world who will forever sit and stare through the same tunnel for the rest of their lives.

There are some people who will trudge through the weather and the earth to travel down an infinite amount of tunnels.

Some will watch those who trudge and form an opinion about their journey through that tunnel.

Some will find curiosity from others’ journey and stop to ask the traveler, “How was it?”

People in life can be so narrow-minded that when faced with a foreign situation, they don’t know how to react except in a defensive and hostile manner.

Other people in life will take a step or two back and observe the situation with inquisitive thoughts. These people are my favorite people. These people will try on the worn out shoes. These people will hand over their shirt, no questions asked.

My favorite kind of people absorb the directions of others, augment their knowledge.