Today I am celebrating YOU!!! YOUR Kindness, YOUR Creativity, YOUR Inspiration, YOUR Passion for the POSITIVE and Up-LIFTING. Thank you for joining me on this journey. You honor me with your presence; you inspire me with your art.

Blessings and Joy,

Anger is a hard emotion to shake, especially when you replay it in your mind like a broken record player. Thinking through past hurts does no good and only allows bitterness to grow. When you find those thoughts running through your head, take a higher road. Don't just tolerate or manage the situation, confront it head on.

I’m making a conscious effort to photograph more things. So here is my night; A perfect evening spent driving in the rain with my favourite lambchop. 

We parked our arses atop a lofty hill, I climbed out of the car and tried to convince my tripod not to fly off a cliff, while Natalie sat eating chicken in the front seat like the goddess she is.

The police rolled by because it’s a notorious dogging site. I didn’t see any dogs.