President Obama and Anger Translator in White House Correspondents Dinner 2015 Speech |Full VIDEO

Obama and his ‘Anger Translator’ Luther in Epic WHCD Speech, Keegan-Michael Key (Comedy Central’s “Key and Peele”) is Barack Obama’s 'Anger translator’ at Wh… [Read More]

I am back online momentarily to express my deep sadness over something that has occurred today. I am absolutely devastated to learn that a man who inspired me as a reporter has been killed by militants in Syria. Kenji Goto was a passionate journalist from Japan who always risked his own life to give people a voice, especially children. From AIDS and poverty to disasters and education, Kenji cared for others and his heart showed in the work he did. When he traveled to Syria to cover the violence plaguing the country, he thought he would be safe since Japan was not actively fighting ISIS, unfortunately he was taken hostage several months ago and held until today when talks over his release broke down and he was killed. Goto will be remembered for his bravery, his dedication, and his empathy. He will not be forgotten. My heart is with Kenji’s family including his wife and two children, as well as the people of Japan. このたびはご愁傷さまでございます


Do you see that smile ? 

That is a genuine smile right there that I can honestly say makes me feel so warm inside looking at this picture. I prayed this day would come that I would get my smile back again. For years I have been suffering serve depression and suicide thoughts and no longer had the desire to live on this earth anymore it has been one of the toughest fights of my life that I can say was not easy. It is even hard for me to write about this because it just brings back memories and feelings of how much internal pain I was in mentally and spiritually. I didn’t give a fuck about life anymore. I felt so alone and invincible to the world just like a walking lifeless body roaming the earth, I couldn’t see nothing past my pain. I didn’t see how beautiful the sky was, I didn’t see how beautiful the sun was, I didn’t notice the stars at nights , I didn’t realize how precious the people who cared about me were to my heart. For me it started at a young age but continued on throughout my adult life won’t go into too much detail but just experiencing life and tribulations going through the motions and life not being easy. I’ve experienced broken hearts before, deaths, disappointments , fights, lost with no plans you name it. All those things combined can cause depression anger and hurt. Depression sees no color, no gender, no age, or sexuality. I am writing about this because I know there are people out there that are going through the same thing I have been through and they think that they are alone I am here to say you are not alone. I do not have the answers of how to make it all go away everybody has their own story and demons they battle inside that no one will ever feel. I know as continue to live my life everything will not be perfect and I will feel pain again, this time around I have stronger faith and hope. I am still battling everyday to stay positive and hopeful to not go into that dark place and isolate myself. LOVE is what helped me see past my imperfections and pain, not love from a spouse or significant other but love from my 9 year old brother, my mother, and most importantly self love. For my truth love conquered all if it wasn’t for those two souls giving me unconditional love I would’ve ended my life. This is nothing to be ashamed about but to show courage and share my story with someone who is feeling the same way hoping that it would help. Please talk to someone you’re not alone <3 wish the best for everyone .

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK


Prior to her marriage to the Prince of Asturias, the Queen of Spain was a successful journalist, news anchor and reporter for Bloomberg, CNN+ and Spain’s state TV company Television Española. In 2000, she reported from Washington, D.C., on the presidential elections. In September 2001, she broadcast live from Ground Zero following the 9/11 attacks in New York and in 2003, she filed reports from Iraq during the war.

Forget the #*$@!! dress! The internet has a priorities problem, where feel good drivel rises above the important issues of the day. 

The FCC fundamentally changes the business of ISPs. FugetAboutIt! Here’s a badly photographed blue dress!

Civil unrest on the streets of Ferguson that cut to the core of still lingering issues in daily American life? Naw, pour me a big ole bowl of nope, and pass the video of the “Single Dad Couldn’t Do Daughter’s Ponytail, So Went to Cosmetology School.”

As our Alexander Nazaryan write: “Though less explicitly geared to good news, Upworthy is nevertheless the master of the genre: “Economists Assume People Are Self-Interested. He Turned That Assumption Upside Down” and “If You Take a Puppy Video Break Today, Make Sure This Is the Dog Video You Watch.” Take that, ISIS beheading videos!“


Struggling Pulitzer Prize-Winning Journalist Represents Face Of Poverty In The U.S.

William McPherson has a Pulitzer Prize, but little money to his name.

In a candid personal essay published in The Hedgehog Review, the 81-year-old journalist revealed his descent into near poverty. While his trajectory was unexpected, McPherson’s financial state represents a common narrative in America today.

“I started life comfortably middle-class, maybe upper-middle class; now, like a lot of other people walking the streets of America today, I am poor,” the acclaimed author wrote. “To put it directly, I have no money.”

Read on for the heartbreaking story here. 


Ernie Pyle (8/3/1900 - 4/18/1945)

Famed columnist and war correspondent Ernie Pyle was killed on April 18, 1945, while covering the Battle of Okinawa.  He can be seen spending time with members of the invasion force on board ship prior to the invasion of Okinawa, in this Universal Newsreel from April 9, 1945, filmed only weeks before his death.

The brief clip featuring Pyle begins at roughly 0:40 in the video below:

US Marine Corps Brigadier General Timothy Donovan, lays a wreath on the foot of the Ernie Pyle Monument. The monument, in Ie Sihma, Japan, Marks the spot where the famous journalist lost his life to a Japanese sniper, during World War II. The Monument was rededicated on July 22, 2000, to commemorate  Ernie Pyle’s 100th birthday, 7/25/2000

Ethel Payne, a reporter at the Chicago Defender, began her Washington career as one of three accredited African Americans in the White House press corps. Known as the “First Lady of the Black Press”, she was a columnist, lecturer, and freelance writer. She combined advocacy with journalism as she reported on the civil rights movement during the 1950s and 1960s. She became the first female African-American commentator employed by a national network when CBS hired her in 1972. In addition to her reporting of American domestic politics, she also covered international stories.