All journalism is a form of activism. Every journalistic choice necessarily embraces highly subjective assumptions — cultural, political or nationalistic — and serves the interests of one faction or another.

But ultimately, the only real metric of journalism that should matter is accuracy and reliability. I personally think honestly disclosing rather than hiding one’s subjective values makes for more honest and trustworthy journalism. But no journalism — from the most stylistically “objective” to the most brazenly opinionated — has any real value unless it is grounded in facts, evidence, and verifiable data.

“To some people this was part of China’s attraction. Mao’s regime offered the promise of a purer, cleaner, better world, a vision of heaven after purgatory-or was it purgatory before heaven? Maoism was a utopian religion masquerading as politics. China under Mao appeared to its Western supporters in the way imperial China must have appeared to Voltaire, as a rational paradise on earth. China was an idea. Chinese people were statistics-variables in agricultural experiments, mass political campaigns, macroeconomic data. The appeal of China could not be sensual, because the realm of the senses had been demolished. But China did have an aesthetic appeal: to misguided enthusiasts, the Chinese order had the beauty of mathematics.”

- Ian Buruma, The Missionary and the Libertine: Love and War in East and West

She's leaving

And I can’t stand to think about it. I won’t have a problem staying loyal to her. She’s the love of my life and I could never tarnish anything that makes her happy. I often wonder if she smiles when she thinks about me. I often wonder if she dreams of us one day walking down the street, maybe a child between us, one hand in each of ours. I often wonder if I’m on her mind half as much as she is on mine.

My queen…my lover. Render me useless. Let me kiss you. Let me love you. Let me take you to where soul-mates find serenity. You electric princess, so young, so fair. Together we would make the perfect pair. I remember our first date. The waitress asked me when you went to the bathroom how long we had been together because we looked so happy and in love. She never took the tip I left her. We could go out like that for the rest of our lives, when the occasion calls for it, or whenever you feel sad (which I will make my number one priority and not allow it to happen). I love you now, and I’ll love you forever. I am constantly playing a guessing game with you. Whatever makes you happy makes me happy. I would never have it any other way. I know you love me. I see it in the ocean that is your eyes and in way you smile as we make eye contact. Part of me wants that peace of mind to know, but you’ve had me since day one. That won’t change. You could one day marry someone else and I would still love you. You are literally the only woman I will ever love. I now say that with absolute certainty. A year ago, I couldn’t. I was newly single. I’ve never been able to connect with anybody else besides you. I fell for you before I even knew you. I fell in love with the promise of you. All that you do and all that you say always has me wanting more and more of you. I could listen to you talk for hours on end and never get bored. You’re like caffeine to me. When you’re not around, I get down…lonesome, even. When breaks hit and I don’t see you for an extended period of time, I lose my shit and go crazy. I never knew why, but it’s become almost transparent to me as of late. When I was younger, I used to think I knew what love was. I didn’t realize how it confuses the fuck out of you as you get older. When I used to think about you, I’d think about how everybody has always told me that I have no chance with you and I’d think what I felt to be infatuation. I’d be told that I could have any other woman in the world but you. What is it then, when I don’t want any other woman in the world but you? I’ve never gotten to kiss you and I’ve only ever hugged you once. You have no problem hugging anybody else. What are you afraid of? I never thought I’d fall in love with someone I have never even kissed. I’m not afraid you’re not good at it, though. Any woman who can knock me off my feet like you have and has style and morals like you do need never worry about romance and intimacy. Our story has barely even begun, yet you’ve consumed my mind, you irreverent temptress. I will miss you, and I pray that you do not fall in love with some sweet Italian stallion. I know you want a fresh start, and I KNOW I need a fresh start, but the difference is that instead of running away, I want to start a new life with you. I want your head on my lap when we lay awake in the wee hours of the morning watching Netflix. I want to feel the warmth of your body on my chest as you dream. I want to make you breakfast every morning in my underwear and go down on you when you’re done eating until you cum. I want to run my hands through your lavish scented hair and wipe away any tears you may shed, all the while attempting to be cute and make you giggle to remind you that everything is really alright. You can bite my finger if you’re anxious. You can make me your personal punching bag if you need to. Whatever you need, baby…I’m there.


I think about this a lot. What can you do to make a difference? It’s really difficult to step out of yourself and view the world from a distance but just a reminder that the world you live in doesn’t stop at you and that all of the money you spend on worthless products that will fall apart next month, could go to help humans in other countries who, unfortunately, really really need it. Another reminder that humans in other countries aren’t just stories you watch from your television at home… every day is just as real for them as it is for you and I, so help them - help make tomorrow better for everyone. Hunger is huge and I don’t know about you, but i’ll go about three hours and need food again, so imagine days/weeks. Lack of clean water - think about washing out the coffee pot and you just let it overflow? Save clean water people. Sex trafficking - HUGE and nobody ever talks about it, but it’s so prevalent - so donate and be educated. The sex trade makes approx. 32 billion dollars a year (9 billion alone in the US and approx 100,000 new girls from the US every year with the average age being 13 / 14) - passing the arms trade, it stands as the second largest criminal organization and is expected to pass the drug trade soon, making it number one. & you’re telling me that nobody talks about this? Because it’s dangerous, especially when it happens so close to home. Kids. Children. Young adults. Donate to that. Help get those girls back home. Not to mention the countries that are going through / go through natural disaster devastation and need aid and help to rebuild what they’ve lost. AND last on my mind but certainly not least are the countries that don’t have access or financial means to build hospitals. People are sick / injured / dying and they don’t have a place to go or the right medicine to prevent illnesses - so donate to that as well. Donate to get them (again, real life humans) the treatment they need.
Again, I understand it’s hard to look past your own world and the luxuries that we are so privileged to have but please understand that the world stretches far further than you and I and the useless shit we buy. Humans are humans, (read that again) - they have feelings and needs and the hope to live to see another day - and the location difference, skin difference, language difference, and the economical standing difference, makes NO DIFFERENCE. & since we as a country and as every day people are financially able to help those in need, it is our responsibility to do that. Imagine if one of every 1,652 of my followers here donated 10 dollars. That’s around 16,000 dollars to make a difference. Underneath I added some organizations so I mean, if you can - donate, be educated.

*If you have other world organizations, add the link to the comments*…/nepal-earthquake-relief-fund/


While Washington partied, here’s what was happening in Baltimore

While the media celebrated in D.C. with a menu that included crabmeat terrine, paprika-rubbed filet mignon and seared Alaskan halibut, an hour away in Baltimore protests over the death of 25-year-old black man Freddie Gray at the hands of Baltimore police had reached a crescendo. Attendees at the D.C. event wore Forevermark diamonds and Armani tuxedos; people in Baltimore wore shirts saying #BlackLivesMatter and carried signs decrying police brutality. Others wore riot armor and clenched batons. An alarming symbol of America’s larger problem.


This week, the World in Protest

1: Istanbul, Turkey. ©  Kemal Aslan 

2: Baltimore, USA. © Eric Thayer

3: Milan, Italy. © Alessandro Bianchi 

4: Bujumbura, Burundi.  © Thomas Mukoya

5: Bogota, Colombia.  © Jose Miguel Gomez

6: Newark, USA.  © Andrew Kelly 

7: Baltimore, USA. ©  Eric Thayer

8: Bujumbura, Burundi.  © Thomas Mukoya

9: Taiwan, Taipei. © Patrick Lin

Watch: Jon Stewart’s takedown of Judith Miller is why he’s irreplaceable 

The biggest reason we’re going to miss Jon Stewart come August was exemplified on Wednesday night’s show. He faced down guest Judith Miller, the former New York Times reporter who helped the Bush administration sell the story of the Iraq war to the American people. Ostensibly, Miller was there to promote her book The Story: A Reporter’s Journey. But Stewart had questions, tough questions..


Two journalists who reported that a Tulsa reserve deputy’s training records had been falsified have abruptly resigned, according to Talking Points Memo. Reporter Dylan Goforth and editor Ziva Branstetter of the Tulsa World were responsible for breaking the news that officials in the Tulsa sheriff’s office had instructed employees to falsify the records of Reserve Deputy Robert Bates, the man responsible for killing unarmed civilian Eric Harris when Bates accidentally reached for his gun instead of his taser. 

Those who refused to cooperate in the falsification were reassigned, according to the report.