Mainly you really have to love writing and reporting. Like it’s more important to you than anything else in your life—family, friends, social life, whatever.
—  Buzzfeed reporter Michael Hastings • Offering advice to young journalists in a Reddit thread last year. Hastings, 33, died in a car crash on Tuesday morning. Despite his young age, he left a fairly significant mark on the journalism world, scoring a 2010 Rolling Stone interview with Gen. Stanley McChrystal in which the then-Commander of U.S. and NATO Coalition Forces in Afghanistan spoke negatively of White House staff. Hastings’ report sent shockwaves through Washington, leading to McChrystal’s firing before the report was even officially published. While McChrystal was eventually cleared of wrongdoing in the case, Rolling Stone stood behind Hastings’ article. Hastings’ death led many journalists to leave statements of remorse in the wake of the news, including his editor, Ben Smith, who said in a statement that “He wrote stories that would otherwise have gone unwritten, and without him there are great stories that will go untold.” (reddit thread via Twitter user @nbj914)

Mathematical Learning - He Kakano Research

A lovely diagram from the NZ educational research into Maori Education (He Kakano loosely translates to ‘the seed’).

The diagram is designed to look at Early Childhood Mathematical Education, but I think it is very relevant to later Mathematical thought. I can imagine that these strategies and ideas would be productive for all students, not just Maori.

At the moment I have particular interest in ‘storying’ and the relationship between that and another strand - ‘noticing, recognising and constructing relationships’. I’ve started using a journaling system with high school students in Maths, with some interesting stories of progress and learning. 

Is anyone else finding success with journals in Mathematics?

I am a big fan of journals and notebooks. I have a crazy stash of notebooks and journals, some notebooks left over from high school, some journals I’ve bought and haven’t even thought of a purpose for yet. I like books not just as repositories of material but as objects and art in and of themselves. Not every journal needs to be used for writing. Apart from writing, I also like to crochet. I have a crochet stitch “bible” with a hundred different stitches in it, some I know well, some I’ve never tried. I am working my way through all of them (that lay flat, at any rate) and making a sample, and then I am sticking them in a book. So I know what they look like. When i first started crocheting, I couldn’t read patterns, but if I looked at a piece, I could replicate it.

Oftentimes in mysteries or other genres we see hollowed out books as hiding places, or books in bookcases that are the trigger for a secret door. What other fun uses can books be put to? Be creative. Chances are the book-loving characters in your fictional world love books as more than repositories for words and stories. What would someone illiterate do with a book?

Wow…Thank You!


I want to thank everyone for the support over the past almost 2 weeks. Mantra Cahiers have been flying out of the store to places like Ohio, Massachusetts, DC, and even the Virgin Islands! Along with enabling me to create, you all are also helping me EAT here in NY!

After my “crying” post I received so much love and light from friends and strangers, Vagabroads and new IG/Tumblr followers alike. People texted me, messaged me, DM’d me, and supported me like I have never experienced before. The light glowed warmly and the feeling was so uplifting that I felt completely restored.

Not that I don’t have bad days but I know now like never before that there are people who are hoping and having faith in this soulful journey I’m on… And I will make it.

So thank you. Merci. Gracias.

I daily seek to pass forward all the love I have received from you.

I am so overwhelmed by what’s happening all at once in my life with Vagabroad taking off (YES!) to be the brand I have always envisioned it to be and with myself beginning classes at Parsons School of Design and being challenged in that area (I’ve been reading assignments and chapters for like 9 hours straight and I still have more to go…). I am THRILLED for the women I am connecting with every day via IG and Tumblr, speaking to me of their journeys and their transitions and telling me about the hard places they’ve been in as well and how they made it.

This is what it’s about. I am blessed to be on the receiving end of such kindness and generosity to a fellow sojourner.

Stay En Route everyone. We’re going to make it!

Chimene Jackson

I feel your pain

My morning training sessions generally begin at 6:30am. As I arrive, there is usually a few young guys and girls up out to improve themselves. I admire their enthusiasm until I observe their sweatercise and acrobatic routines. Sometimes it's amusing to watch and sometimes it's downright painful. Either way, it is hard not to stare. 

I remarked to my client that as impressive as these wannabe ninja warriors can be, the joints are not designed to sustain that repeated abuse, especially movements performed haphazardly. My client turned to me this week and said,”You know Erwin. You are going to have to accept that in your ‘Be.Move.Do.’ philosophy there is also room for chaos.”

I concede. There is ALWAYS room at the table for chaos. There is also room for precaution.

Is the temporary glory worth the price you end up paying?Whether we like it or not, we are only made of flesh and blood. Eventually, gravity wins. There is no pill or surgery that will restore any body back to 100% or to another era in time. If there were, I would definitely consider taking it. I’m only human too.